Flash to the Present

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Travis returns from space to meet up with an old friend.

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it was an alright animation. nice voices in this one, nice joke and a cool idea, though i think that this one could've had some more work done to it. the graphics were a little poor and it was overall a little boring. your efforts were good though, but i think that some more could've been done to it.

OK but not great

+some good graphics
+good lip sync
Maybe its just me but...
Were we supposed to know these people? Was this story supposed to make any more sense than just someone coming home from space and not being missed?
I didnt get that other guy who just appeared for a moment. Wa that just random?
I didn't get the repetition thing yep yep yep?

I guess most people know the music is Johhny B Goode, but you should still put it in the credits, especially since there are ship loads of versions of JBG- that was the Chuck Berry version, yes?

pastabilities responds:

the other guy was a cutaway, the repetition thing is half parodying king of the hill, it is the chuck berry version.


And a miss... SO CLOSE...

Nice animation, lip-synch, good sound... but it means nothing if the best thing you could come up was 'Hey, I was in outerspace.' I liked 'Johnny B. Goode' though.


the cutaway scene was ok, but everything else was kinda lame.
i didnt feel the "faggot" was needed, and the voice and graphics where just lacking.

not hating on short flashs, but this one was just under par.

Not bad.

=Good Points=
Pretty funny I must say. It was a pretty random flash, which I liked, and to add to that it was done well. You had a great sense of humor in this one. The characters were decent including the animation (from what there was anyways). Also the sound was not to bad. Well all I have to say is keep it up, and keep trying.

=Bad Points=
Well there could be a lot more animation, since there wasn't very much. Also you could add more to it, to make it more enjoyable. Last thing is during the part when they were talking on the phone. One guy said I phoned you two weeks ago, and while on the phone he said I'm going into space for a few months. That doesn't work out. Besides those points it was a funny animation!

pastabilities responds:

Thanks for the review. Wow, I never really noticed that goof... he was gone for months but phoned two weeks ago? Shit! Must be from it being 2:00 AM and all.

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2.00 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2006
1:50 AM EST
Comedy - Original