Magic Crack Rocks

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My First Sumission to get Front Page!

*yawn* Just getting some practice under my belt. If you don't know who the characters are, watch my other two cartoons (preferably the first one). Enjoy. WATCH ON MEDIUM OR LOW QUALITY!!!


Ok, but inacurate

ok first of, u dont need a refinery to make crack, all u need is 1 oz of caine, and a table spoon of baking soda, add 3/4 of cup of water in a boiling pot of water and cook for 20-30 minutes, making sure u crush the bubbles and voila, 1z of solid rock
if ur cocoa was pure of course....

JazLyte responds:

Oh snap! You're right, I am so sorry! I wish this were only a cartoon I made at home for fun! But since I was going for realism with all the monsters, superpowers, and magic crack factories, I guess I'm busted.....

Just didn't work for me

While it;s obvious that someone spent some time on this, I felt that they could have done a better job. I am not a big fan of the anime style, and this seemed to have a generic feel to it. The characters could have been from any dark future schlockfest to ever "grace" adult swim. Also, the voice acting was atrocious. The dialogue didn't seem to flow. If those were actual british accents, i'd really be amazed. The talent is definitely there, but you should hone your style some more. I'm curious to see what you do next.

the foe

is he australian?
also why make the foe so easy to beat?

not bad

well 24 fps i really dont think.. and if it was then u werent altering the image every frame thats for sure, that said if u filled the gaps then your work would really be impressive, right now it doesnt really stand out. and man... work on your british accent. im not gonna say any more it was just offensive. but some impressive stuff and your actually drawing skills are competent and some nice style there. im sure youll get a lot better soon.

JazLyte responds:

Yes 24, I do exactly what the japanese artist do. I don't draw every single frame, you skip frames and alternate speed when needed with that style. As far as the British accent, geez gimme a break, I grew up in Detroit. But thanks for the review. ^_^

Oh, dear.

I would say WTF but that would take a lot of effort.

JazLyte responds:

Hey, maybe next time ^_^

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3.83 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2006
12:30 AM EST
Comedy - Original