Magic Crack Rocks

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My First Sumission to get Front Page!

*yawn* Just getting some practice under my belt. If you don't know who the characters are, watch my other two cartoons (preferably the first one). Enjoy. WATCH ON MEDIUM OR LOW QUALITY!!!



Your graphics kick ass unlike the rest of the movie i hated it!

JazLyte responds:

Oh well. Glad you enjoyed the graphics. ^_^

How did it get daily 5th place?

This is bad, the one thing I liked about your video, the graphics, asides from that nothing really, bad way to begin a fight, bad story, not much of actual crack, please don´t waste your graphics on this again

JazLyte responds:

hmmm.... nah. There's gonna be tons more. ;) thanx for your review!

Akhem... GAY!!!!

Well shit, i was promised magic crack, not some gay ass pokemon influenced shit. The voicing is poor, animation oversimplified and the storyline is just an excuse to start up a lame fight scene. One thing that bothers me the most is: WHY the fuck does everyone has that dumb "i'm a cute anime character" smile when they fight, WTF?!?

Leave anime to the professionals goddamn it!

JazLyte responds:

Aight then. Thanx for watchin'. ^_^

pretty good

awsome dude wicked to the max but it could use some more time and a little better graphics, but other than that its pretty cool=3

JazLyte responds:

thanks! I'm working on the blockyness

Coulda been alot better

The art was the best part of the movie. The voice acting was really good 2. Now 4 the bad part. The animation needed work. There were alot of instances where I couldnt follow what was goin on ( during the fights ). It was too choppy. U goot string them to gether so the viewer can follow whats goin on. Also, u might wanna use better sound effects. the dbz punches 'an stuff didnt go well with the whole feel of the movie. Thats it. I duno if ppl agree with me, but those r my opinions. ^_^

JazLyte responds:

Naw man, I agree, what you're sayin' does make sense. It ain't exactly DBZ I was aiming for and the sounds does have a big factor. I really appreciate intelligent criticism. I will work on it, thanks. The movement too. :)

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3.83 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2006
12:30 AM EST
Comedy - Original