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*edit* WTF?? Underdog of the Week? I've made two versions since this and another should be released shortly. I'd recommend that you check them out instead.


This is the first game I've ever made. It took me about 10 hours of work over a few days. I plan on adding more features if it is received well. Please review!

How is the difficulty? I've been toggling a few variables, from player speed to the values of different items. Too hard or too easy?

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Controls are too sluggish

This was not a very good game. Yes the concept was fine and the gameplay idea could work well in theory. But the fact that the control was so horrible pretty much ruined the game. In stead of making the swf move over a milimeter when we hit the arrow keys why not let us slide it around the screen as we please? It would make it easier. But this is the broken kind of hard that causes frustration and not fun. So this game needs much improvement if you plan to make a sequel.

Not suprised at underdog

THe game idea is pretty good just its got to maqny problems

1) its almost impossible to win I got to the top about 5 times as soo0n i i got that 4-5 0's drop stright on you knocking yuou down again this just makes the game boring and impossible with the speed at which they drops which is way to fast i must say there is no 5's wihich is a pain the 0's drop you down a lot more than the 4's take you up also the 0's are so common. THe speed you can more is stupid its way to slow as soon as you see it you know it will hit you its should not have accelerate its to hard message me if you make a better version


You need to up the player speed a little. Currently, it does give the impression of a futile struggle against negative voting - which may be what you were trying to achieve, of course...

I played for a while and didn't see one five.

The zero votes are also just a bit too fast.

It's not too bad, when all is said and done. I gave you a three out of five.

nice yeah def. an underdog

this game hasnt gotten the recognition it deserves

pros: nice conecpt, orignal, starts out easy but gets challenging

cons: slow movment of flash, no dificulty level, no music choice

INeedABetterAlias responds:

Check out the new ones.

dude this is pretty oringinal

dude i cant believe this got underdog of the week,but oh well, that just means its pretty good but not perfect...which it pretty much is.
its pretty much like the bronze in the olympics

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3.19 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2006
11:06 PM EST
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