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Camping Maze

rated 3.16 / 5 stars
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Nov 17, 2006 | 7:08 AM EST

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Author Comments

A fun and traditional maze game, hope you like it =)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good one

that was a pretty nice maze game. a little bit simple i found it, but very nice graphics, a good idea and concept to it, a decent challenge and time killer and your efforts were very nice in this one.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice game, but found a little bug

It´s certainly not a bad game. Especially the graphics were very nice. But I believe there is a little bug in your game. I found out you had to complete the game by going through the underground maze, but there is another (much easier) way as well. From the beginning: If you walk all the way towards the right and then all the way up and then take the right path. You´ll end up in a mountain with stairs. The character will walk over the bridge towards the other side, if you continue from here, you can walk through the stonepath and continue your way towards the end. The game won´t do anything when you reach the end however. But could you please take a look at this?

As for other things. although the maze will look a little less good, I suggest you make the stone path in straight lines. The character started to shake a little when you touched the stones. And perhaps you could make the dead ends in the underground maze a little bit shorter as well. It´s very annoying if you walk for miles and then suddenly reach a dead end and have to walk back.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. Still a nice game, not something I would want to play over and over again, but it was fun for a while. Good graphics like I said, nice music at the background and it´s nice that you added some landmarks and stuff. One last suggestion: Some more levels will be a big improvement =) Keep up the good work.

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flashgismo responds:

Lol, You're right, who would want to play a traditional maze game over and over ? >.> actually I wouldnt play it again. now this is older than blocky game, I've made this last year. and I thought it would be better to post it than throw it away. although I didnt like it much, yet I can still see something in the graphic is good. else I know if I wanted to fix it to better it would be more awsome. just as you know sometimes its hard to get to an old thing and renew it. I prefer to make a new thing or work in other things. espiceally that I bought the domain and I'm thinking in a big project :p


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice little game, needs better interactivity

Nice little game, graphics are ok, and bg music is fitting.
You need to improve the interactivity, as in the first maze there are issues with character getting "stuck" along the way - the stone path is nice graphically, but you may want to reconsider how to manage collision detection In the second (underground) maze the animation is just too slow and makes you feel a bit frustrated when you already "saw" the way out and have just to wait till you get there.

If you'd like to add more features: in this kind of game it's nice to have some secrets (sort of easter-eggs) that appear when the character gets certain places.

Keep up, I see much potential here.

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flashgismo responds:

Yes, I had no choice, it was even to get a crappy move, or to make the char stuck when you click two buttons. anyway I did admit, and I will say it again. this isnt the best game. and actually I did make it because I was checking the maze stuffs. else maze is so boring. espiceally because there is no timer, no enemy or no score O.O;; what a game would this be. when I first post it I was expecting 2 out of 5 >.>. anyway I did post it and it took 3.11 or something close. which is awsome for such a game, maybe the graphic helped some. or maybe luck :p . anyway the only thing I like about this game is the avatar!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

i got stuck... and i had to star ALL OVER again...

flashgismo responds:

Hmm thats weird, I've tried my best to test it all. I will re-check it again


Rated 3 / 5 stars


It's a fun game. The animation is a little slow, though. The complexity wasn't very high, because I got to the end in about 5 minutes. At the end, however, the animation with the kid jumping froze, and nothing happened after that. Overall, the game was very good, although I prefer somewhat more complex puzzles.

flashgismo responds:

Yea, not much effort was put in this game, and when I decided to post this game in NG I've created a fast ending, else this game was a practicing for maze things. I promise to make things that are more fun more time!