Final Fantasy WHY?

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A couple people mentioned how there are more games, but imagine if I put them all in? people would go to sleep! Anyway...

whooOOOOOOOOOOOooooey! This was quite the Journey! The original idea is from my mom, but the process of making it was quite taxing.

First, I'm on the brink of finishing this. A week of work all put into this film, a personal record. The saving process goes wrong, and I have NOTHING!!! Then, working off the minimum of what I had and spending two nearly sleepless nights on my laptop, FF Why has been born!

A couple things. Thank all of my friends, my flash teacher, and my family for your support when I ended up howling in despair. This flash turned out better thanks to you and my screw-up.

Next, as you might expect from something that was lost, things didn't end up like God originally intended. The FF 1-12 dance is messed up and the ending had to be cut down due to loss of sound files from people. My sister Olivia and my friend Nicole Loparco were also in this, but their lines were lost. Sorry to you both!

Lastly, let's look at the subject of this flash. WHY DOES "FINAL" FANTASY HAVE SO MANY TITLES?!?!?!?! I know the obvious answer. It's a cool name, the series is popular, blah blah blah. But why so many, as well as so many remakes and spinoffs, WHY ARE THERE TWO (yes, two) FINAL FANTASY 1&2 GAMEBOY GAMES? That's just silly!

Well, in any case, think about it and enjoy.



Okay, brainiacs, we get it

Sheesh, the FIRST guy gave the history on the Final Fantasy title. Yet, at least two more had to show off their 'geek'-osity and type the same thing. There was a family guy scene where a guy kept repeating the word jackal in a guessing game with Stewie and lost. Stewie then shouted, "It wasn't right the first time, why the hell would it be right after?"

With that said, why the HELL would there be a need to re-type why the original was called Final Fantasy?

If it hasn't already been said numerous times >.>

It was final fantasy, because they made FF1 as the companies last game before they went out of business, and it was so popular, the company stayed alive, and had enough money to make several more games.

Also: Why no "My Life As A King"? MLAAAAAAAAAK Is the best game ever.

An explaination...

The flash wasn't bad but I'm glad you pointed out that question.

You see, before the first Final Fanntasy, Square was running low on money and fame, so much that they onle had enough for one last game. That one last game they decided to create was infact Final Fantasy, hense the name.

They thought they were going to get kicked out of the buisness after this but, it is a fact that FF saved Square Soft (Or now known as Square Enix, and possibly soon to just be Enix. Jeez, those guys can never decide on a name.)

Shinpachi222 responds:

I like some of the FF games. They're great RPGs, and earneing the money is important.

It's OK

This movie was better than I thought it would be... pretty funny. Why was Sora there though? He's not a Final Fantasy character...
I'm guessing there are so many Final Fantasy games because, well, they're successful. The title of the series is pretty stupid, but I guess it's too late to change it now.
In your Properties panel in Flash, you should change the audio from "Event" to "Stream"; it will keep everything synchronized.

Shinpachi222 responds:

I learned about streaming about two days after releasing this flash. Life suck, right?


square didn't want to keep the name final fantasy, the media wanted more of "final fantasy", so they made more RPGs with the name final fantasy against their wishes to begin with, but now, well, they just slap that on almost any game to sell it.

Shinpachi222 responds:

huh. Majority rule again, yeah?

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