Pootytang Adventures #027

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Wade is going downtown on wrongdoing Newgroundites as a ranger. When you are Perkasie, look behind you, because that's where Wade is going to be.


reposting: yea

I don't understand what kind of person it takes to give this so called animation a 10/10. The effort put into this flash was dismal, those who ranked it highly because of the music wouldn't pick up a mostly rotten apple and say it was a great apple because the first bite fine. One way to really improve any further flashes especially those that are to be satire have input from so many authors is to plan and create a work that can stand on all of its feet. So as I said in my previously deleted review "THE PRELOADER WAS THE BEST PART"


fantastic audio!!!

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I'll hope to see this flash next to the mona lisa

Something like this will be talked about for ages, Shows in 40 years will be making references to this, this flash is nothing less then professional, one of the greastest flashes of this miliniun, if this dosn't get a perfect score, what will?

JujubeLock responds:

Oh you flatter me so, truly my skills are naught compared to your Pootytang flash that can only compare to the Sistine Chapel. However, I accept your praise and together our flash will touch mankind in a way that promotes an artistic vision that transcends our personal limitations.

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1.85 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2006
10:26 PM EST