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Arrival In Hell

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Author Comments

*Update* Hi Folks. Thanks for the awesome support and feedback. This game has been so worth the effort. Just a little update to the game file. I fixed his bad case of arm-detached-ness. Updated some animations. Made it so you can actually play it twice without it breaking. And more importantly fixed the walking animation. So he looks less like he's shat himself. Thanks again! Thanks for all of your reviews. Oh, I'd just like to point out that I have never played the suffering :P Any complains I am sure I will find out :)
*Edit*#2 Front Page?! WOWOWOW! A real dream come true! On fire! With zombies and ninjas and all sorts of cool things! Thanks so so so much!

*Edit* Daily First?! Wow. It's a dream come true! I didn't expect this much! Thank you everyone who voted, and all who review!

Firstly, this game is quite high on the graphics side. So low quality is recommended. Sorry.
But on the bright side: I've been working on this for ages with the awesome cicla. It is a dark monkey island style puzzle game and I hope you all enjoy it's splendor.
The game is sponsored by rustygames.com - a walkthrough can be found at http://www.rustygames.com /article.php?id=26.
Enjoy folks!


very good, now tell me what happens next!

awesome game, takes a bit o' thinkin to get through but i did it, now you have to tell us what happens next! maybe he goes outside and theirs more beasts or soemthin predictable like that...

Only three complaints.

1) the guards arm actually becomes detached during his conversation with the guard. I also think a better walk animation maybe in order.

2) Sound was a little bit buzzy... Sounds like a standard PC mic, with somthing this cool, I think some time on audio would have paid off.

3) extra items... Was the game suppose to be longer, but cut short? Or was it like maniac Mansion where they were there just to f*ck with us? Eithor way, I liked it. Hope the story continues.

As a whole awsome project loved the backgrounds and character animation... Though, different animators was noticable during the cut sequence of the sane prisoner leaving his cell, but meh. The thing rocked. I just hope that wasn't the hero dieing do to the explosion behind him when the gas canistors caught flame...

William A. McDonald

skideh responds:

Thanks for your input. It is mucho appreciated.
I must of got so used to the walk animation. It can look a little bad.
We used low audio quality to reduce the size of the file.
Yeah, the extra items were there just to be annoying. Or you never know, they may come in use for the next game. :P

And we don't think he died :P *suspense!*

YEAH (walkthru)

I love point and click RPGs!
It did seem a little bit weird, especially at the last part, how you can just stand around twiddling your thumbs while this huge monster is in the same room. But I guess that's unavoidable. Also it is strange, how did this monster get in the prison facility?

Anyway here's a walkthrough

In your cell: pick up soap, razor blade. Use razor blade on spare orange suit to get a scrap. Use the scrap to pick up the burning flesh on the ground. Use the burning flesh on the lock to get out of your cell.

Outside your cell: pick up the gun and talk to the insane prisoner. You'll have to be convincing to get his deoderant--say that the deoderant attracts the monster.

In the next corridor: note that there's another dead guard up near the top. Go to the corridor to the left and you will see a hand scanner by one of the doors. Try to use it; it doesn't work. Go to the dead guard and use the razor on where it says "dead guard's hand." You will cut off his hand. Try it in the scanner--it doesn't work because it's bloody. Use the soap on the hand to get it soapy, then go back to your cell and dunk the hand in the toilet to get it clean. Use the cleaned severed hand on the scanner to open the door.

In the control room: pick up the exit sign.
Back outside the control room: you have to do some careful searching around to find it, but just above the door there is a rusty nail. Use the exit sign with the rusty nail.
Back inside the control room: use your hand on the guard (slap him). You'll talk for a while and then you ask him to open the cell doors. The monster will eat him and you run out and slam the door.

Go to the sane prisoner (the screen just above the second guard). Talk to him and coax him out of his cell. He will run to the exit door (be sure you have the exit sign on the nail first). Open the door to the control room and the monster will eat him.

Go back inside the control room and pick up the box of matches. Go back outside and use the matches with the deoderant to make a flamethrower. Use the flamethrower on the monster. He will die and you will win.

This review is insanely well received!
skideh responds:

Thanks for the walk through. It is a lot better than the one I put together in a few minutes (on the sponsor web page).

Glad you enjoyed it!

This is a great game -- only wish it was longer.

Can't really complain about a game like this, it's about as good as it gets. I wish it was longer, but that's more of a compliment than a critique.

Very good game.

Everything in the game was very well executed.

The graphics were great, the sound really apported to the general feeling.

The only problem I got was trying to talk to the "sane" prisoner. He never wants to go out... I tried for a long time. He just doesn`t trust me.

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Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2006
6:52 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Frontpaged November 17, 2006
  • Daily Feature November 17, 2006
  • Weekly 5th Place November 22, 2006