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Europe At War Episode 1

rated 3.48 / 5 stars
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Nov 16, 2006 | 3:05 PM EST

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Author Comments

Europe at War Eastern Blitz is the first movie in this new EAW serie, ive spend long time making this movie, it is not so long, but i think this is worth a 4. I made it as realistic as i could. Later on there will also come up EAW First Person shooters where you can drive in tanks, fly, command a ship and other stuff, a litte like Battlefield 1942 or Red Orchestra 41-45



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad.

To IceDragon64:

The Tank is a Panzer II, and had a rapid fire cannon, as depicted in this Flash, and it blew up because it was hit by an Anti Tank (AT) Rifle, designed to destroy armor.
I need to agree with you that it appears that the Ju87b Stuka was 'not in this Flash', mainly because you only see a cockpit of a German War plane, could be BF109, so I can't tell.

To submit 1:
I can agree with the lack of designs on buildings and the background, though the units are fine by me. Humor though is not important here, because (at least I think so) this Flash is more of a documentary, or a flashback (no pun intended) of the Eastern Blitzkrieg.

To both:
Argh! Isn't obvious of who is who? A Polish flag is shown at the Preloader, and the dark grey sticks were the Germans, and the light grey sticks were the Polish. Simple!

To Stick-Corporation:
Not a bad Flash, but there are, as stated above, some parts which could've been improved: 1, the Germans seemed the only ones who died and were losing. Shouldn't it be the other way around? 2, the German's helmet is not of the correct design, it seemed more like the Polish's helmet. Other than that, it is good!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

could've been alot better

I didn't really mind the movie..its a real good start.

1) more designs on buildings,units,background

2)make it faster it was a bit too slow

3)maybe add some humor to it like, 'the white stick shoots the bird in the tree'

4)who is who? *give natzi's the cross, allies the star*

5)I liked the 3D on the tank its a good idea

so yeah, a few tips for making the second,


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Its good, but could be much better

+ some good art
+excellant SC stuff as intro
+good idea
+OK animation

However, this is a worthy project, worth taking time to get the details and push the score up.
1. Tell a bit more of a story/plot. Otherwise you have just stickmen fighting. What was Blitzkrieg? How did the Germans succeed as far as they got? Some vision of a map, maybe with Wermacht officers planning and pushing thier models of tank divisions into Poland.
2. I don't understand the tank bit- the grey troops (who is who?) throw a grenade at the tank which does nothing (correct), then they fire riffles and it blows up!? Also I can't think of any tank in WW2 that had a rapid-fire main gun.
3. I didn't really understand the aeroplane bit either- it looked as though you got a goodlooking plane art, then couldnt be bothered to do the rest of the scene to the same standard and just jumped to black. One of the enduring images of the 2nd World War was the Stuka dive-bombers, that struck fear into peoples hearts. show us one of those and make that the plane hit in the cockpit, then let us see it side view or something heading for the house.
4. I assume english is not your first language, but when you are doing something as important as this, get it checked by someone who knows english well as it has lots of errors, which is important in an educational style movie.
5. Its a shame you are stick artists, its such a waste of talent drawing good pictures and putting sticks in suits to act them out. However, you can still put good looking uniforms on them.
6. The grass and background should have more detail. My movies are only aiming for 3/5 but I put in at least as much as this. Don't make backgrounds as an afterthought, take your time with all of them. You only draw them once, so draw in trees, bushes, roads distant houses, tyre tracks, changes of grass colour, mud- look out of your windows and explore with your eyes.

If you show me that you are willing to improve this work and not ignore your reviews, then would be willing to help you. Make improvements, then PM me. This Movie is worth it!
Best Wishes,


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Although this has all the requirements to be passed, several things bothered me. First of all, this didn't really have much feeling in it. No suspense, no instance of empathy. Secondly, it seemed a tad bit random. I mean sure it's war, you can expect chaos, but the action was sparse and the events didn't fall into any timeline. Thirdly, Plot? Sure the whole reason these men are fighting and dying is to protect their country/ or the contra invade the country, but there is no individual plot; no real substance that draws the watches in but the expectation of violence.

You're a good artist with plenty of skill, just find out how to fill in those criteria.

the numbers:

Graphics: Graphics were good, stick people were okay yet the hands looked a bit botched. I did like the backgrounds.

Style: The style was alright, average at best. Needed improvement on a plot.

Sound: Not that great. There was voice acting, but the ambience developed by the gun fire was unrealistic. The machine gun firing resembled a coffee machine and it really killed the feel.

Violence: war

Interactivity: none. It's a movie

Humor: dude.. it's war

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Pretty good but for the next episode try to make it a little longer i thought it was a bit short..

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