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Pootytang Adventures #026

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Author Comments

I know some faux pootytang is floating around, which is why some of you may be confused about the numbers, however, I'm sure most Newgroundites are clever enough to spot the difference and they will continue to support the pootytang traditions.

I'm sure many of you younger viewers won't understand the historical reference, and some of you won't understand the whole Banana Lock and Wade dichotomy. However, I'm sure if you are sincerely interested, then you can do some research and figure it out.

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so i havent whatched a kittykrew flash in a long time and i must say @myst is right! animation needs ALOTS of improvements well i guess the music was good :P over all 1 star

JujubeLock responds:

Who the hell are you and why are you in my bathroom? Stop pooping in my tub. OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?

I still signed up before you

Fake pootytang why I never, this series is a copy of ours, although damn this is pretty epic.

JujubeLock responds:

We can combine forces and make an a combined epic series...I offered Juicy Pussy the preloader but she turned me down. :( IM me if you want the preloader.

And ... that's it ?

Ok, I'll try to find ideas for "constructive criticism", it's pretty hard but I guess you're used to it.

So eh ... I think you should start by lowering the filesize and a good way to do so would be to lower the quality of the music you use. You might also want to improve the graphics ... and may be actually put more than one frame in you movie, 'cause with just one frame we can hardly call it an animation. Another thing you could try to improve is the plot of your movie. You know, it was really interesting and it kept my breath away all the time, but I think you can do a little better though.

So, overall it was definitely bad bad bad, but you can get better ! All you need is to actually put a little, little effort in your work and you'll be able to do something thousand time better yaiy !

JujubeLock responds:

This review is extremely helpful, thank you! I will reduce the file size of the music by reducing the export quality from "imported mp3" quality to 16 kpbs, I will have multiple frames in the movie (probably more key frames than normal frames so I can do frame by frame animation as opposed to tweens), and I can make a riveting plot that Newgrounds viewers can appreciate, understand, and enjoy! Clearly I would not have thought of these ideas on my own so I hugely appreciate the time you took to review this film!