The Real Rubyrulez 11

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This is episode #11 of my Web Series, titled "The Real Rubyrulez."

Synopsis: When a bunch of flamers shows up at Ruby's doorstep, he tries all that he can to get them to leave. It may just take a little poorly drawn Homestar to save the day!

Note: If you are planning on saying something mean, please keep it to yourself. I'm nothing more than an amateur animator, so if you don't like it, give me some helpful advice, but please don't be mean about it. And definitely don't flame, either...

This is the first episode of The Real Rubyrulez's second season.


Great Start.

=Good Points=
Well I seen your other work, but this one seems (or at least to me) to be have been a little better then the first one you submitted. I must say for a starting animator you got some skill, and if you keep animating you will go far. Everything was fairly decent, graphics, animation, etc. Also I found the voice quality much better. Plus if I may add all your jokes and humor are great! I can possibly see this becoming a good series, if you keep working on it. Above all nice job.

=Bad Points=
Well as I said before the characters are still a little plain. Maybe if you could try and draw them like that one guy in the "flamers" group it would be much better. Also the mouth animation was done well but kind of a little off when they are speaking, you should try to work on that. But nice work, keep it up!

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Great for an Am

Well its awsome man ... cant say nothing else ... but for those who are watching this flash ... dont think it ends at the start because i tought it was until i said to myself ... wtf ... i hope its not that short ...

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I liked this flash, the only thing that really needs to be improved is the graphics. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be stylised or simple but they just look, well... kinda shitty.

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3.38 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2006
1:37 AM EST
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