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Windows XP Start Hack

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There is an interactive version of this (by me) here (remove all spaces in the URL!): http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/353610

This is a hack to change the word "Start" on your Windows XP computer to something else.
(EDIT!: I fixed the audio sync error!)

You can get Resource Hacker here: http://www.angusj.com/res ourcehacker/
You can get Process Explorer here: http://www.microsoft.com/ technet/sysinternals/util ities/ProcessExplorer.msp x

(NG puts spaces into URLs, so if the URLs don't work, look for and remove spaces.)

Disclaimer!!: This hack requires you to change a file that comes with your computer and is a CRITICAL component for the proper operation of your computer! Please attempt at your own risk, I do not offer any warranty of any kind. If you are secure in your abilities to hack a CRITICAL component of your computer, please try this, its neat! It adds some extra personality to your computer!

Note: Please submit this to the Windows Collection please! Thankies! :-D



I have to say it surprised me I thought it's a next crappy movie. But what can say nice hack

jpoke89 responds:

Thanks, I wasn't really sure weather or not it would make it into the portal, but it did! and I'm happy, and I enjoy hacking things and thought it was simple enough for others to try. Thanks for the review!


Well done, you hacked Windows... BUT its unnesesary do that, ┬┐Im rigth?

jpoke89 responds:

Well, its just for fun. its nothing you NEED to do ya know? its just to add some personality to your computer. Thanks for the review!

many folk had fun

+++ Clear instructions

--- Near the start, some audio glitching from the left speaker really hurt my ear.

--- No links to programs needed.

Not as good a tut as the game, obviously.

I forgot to mention in the other review - you really should provide links and a full list of what we need to dl. The credits on the other one was a good resource, but having clearer 'what you need to dl' list would really help if I ever chose to do this.

I just noticed that you have them in your comments, but why not as a clear, clickable list in the flasH?

Funky tutorial and I imagine many folk had fun with this.

Question - can we put in kanji? I'd mebbe like to have it as: 'Gogo go [ji]!!!' (So the pun of 'go, go, go!!! o'clock' or '5pm').

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jpoke89 responds:

Well, I figured int he other flash that if someone wanted to do this, they would just use the Flash, since it instructs you to click your new button and view the credits. plus, NG doesn't like URL tags in the submission comments sometimes... sorry.


i would but i have window's visa. and if i did have windows xp it might couse a viruse. o well. still good job!

jpoke89 responds:

It wouldn't cause a virus, that's not possible. However, you are correct in that it will not work on Windows Vista.

Thats great!

Thats really cool, but this belongs on youtube.

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jpoke89 responds:

I've been told, lol.

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Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2006
5:26 AM EST