Windows XP Start Hack

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There is an interactive version of this (by me) here (remove all spaces in the URL!): http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/353610

This is a hack to change the word "Start" on your Windows XP computer to something else.
(EDIT!: I fixed the audio sync error!)

You can get Resource Hacker here: http://www.angusj.com/res ourcehacker/
You can get Process Explorer here: http://www.microsoft.com/ technet/sysinternals/util ities/ProcessExplorer.msp x

(NG puts spaces into URLs, so if the URLs don't work, look for and remove spaces.)

Disclaimer!!: This hack requires you to change a file that comes with your computer and is a CRITICAL component for the proper operation of your computer! Please attempt at your own risk, I do not offer any warranty of any kind. If you are secure in your abilities to hack a CRITICAL component of your computer, please try this, its neat! It adds some extra personality to your computer!

Note: Please submit this to the Windows Collection please! Thankies! :-D



Thanx for that,now i have Stop instead of Start :P!Graphics not so cool,but the most important is,this works and dont destroy anything :P!(voted 5 ^^)

jpoke89 responds:

Thanks, I understand about the graphics, I'm working on it... Thanks for the 5, and for voting! oh, and you can have more than one word, I think you can have up to 25% of your task bar before it starts cutting it off.


erm, how did you find this out exactly?

just wondering just how many computers you completely distroyed

jpoke89 responds:

I didn't ruin any computers, I just used WIndows's System Restore if i fucked something up, or some other utilities I have. I have many programs to repair computers, I do it for friends all the time! Thanks for the Review!

Pretty Neat.

=Good Points=
Well this is a different style of a movie, which I rather enjoyed. I found it to be pretty cool, and it to be a neat idea. Great concept aswell, and I am glad it made it through. Nice job!

=Bad Points=
I can understand that this was large file size, but next time if you could make it a little less, because if you did that you could put more Windows Hacks or other cool stuff to do in there aswell. Maybe make like a section and you could pick what you wanted? Just a thought, good job though.

jpoke89 responds:

I would love to do that, but the file size was hard to get down to under 10 MB, i had to change my wide screen resolution to 800X600 to reduce file size,and still have it a good quality. I need some server space to stream the video into the .swf file and there would be no load, then I would post the Windows hacks... I will try and get a server up for videos, thats a good idea! thanks for the review!

nice hack and all

But Ijesuschrist is right... You do one thing wrong and your experience on windows is screwed and then its off to crashing windows you go.. No thx... I still gave you a passing score though cause its cool...

jpoke89 responds:

Lol, thanks, thats your prerogative, and I can see why you wouldn't want to do it, because you can screw up explorer if you don't know what your doing. I totally understand! Thanks for the review!


Neat, just did it myself, works well and i like both the programs

jpoke89 responds:

Glad you like it! Thanks for the review!

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Nov 15, 2006
5:26 AM EST