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Windows XP Start Hack

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Nov 15, 2006 | 5:26 AM EST

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Author Comments


There is an interactive version of this (by me) here (remove all spaces in the URL!): /portal/view/353610

This is a hack to change the word "Start" on your Windows XP computer to something else.
(EDIT!: I fixed the audio sync error!)

You can get Resource Hacker here: ourcehacker/
You can get Process Explorer here: technet/sysinternals/util ities/ProcessExplorer.msp x

(NG puts spaces into URLs, so if the URLs don't work, look for and remove spaces.)

Disclaimer!!: This hack requires you to change a file that comes with your computer and is a CRITICAL component for the proper operation of your computer! Please attempt at your own risk, I do not offer any warranty of any kind. If you are secure in your abilities to hack a CRITICAL component of your computer, please try this, its neat! It adds some extra personality to your computer!

Note: Please submit this to the Windows Collection please! Thankies! :-D



Rated 5 / 5 stars

impressed but not much

all u did was somehting in steve sinchaks book, it is pretty cool but pointless, u shouldve shown somehting cool, also wats witht he low resolution most people that r into this stuff have a cool layout and high resolution
but besides that it is pretty cool

jpoke89 responds:

I'm not sure what book you are talking about. At the time I thought it was pretty cool, because I was relatively new at tinkering with my computer. I also had to lower the quality of the video so Newgrounds would take the flash file (as you can see at the load screen, it's a large file with the low quality, imagine if it was high quality/high res!) and I reduced the screen resolution to 800x600 so it can easily fit in your browser window and still be readable. My resolution is usually a wide screen resolution, because I have a laptop, and the wide screen would throw most people, especially with factory desktop boxes through a loop, and wouldn't be able to see the whole thing. I'm a web designer, so I know how to edit media so it works for the most people viewing the content. This video works on Windows 95 and above using Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 5.0 and above or Firefox 1.5 and above or Opera 7 or higher, MacOS 7.0and above with at least Netscape 5 or higher or Safari current build, and Linux Kernel 2.2.26 and above with Konqueror or Firefox 1.5 or above or Opera 7 or above. Hail the geekeyness! :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


That was cool. I am personally fascinated with computers and there internal components. I would attempt this, but if I screwed up, I am SO screwed. My parents use this comp too so It would affect them too. A few questions, does this change apply to all users? And, how did you figure out how to do that?

-Reviewed By-


jpoke89 responds:

This change applies to all users because you are using the GUI shell for all users. I will be posting a how to that should work better for everyone than editing the only explorer.exe file, but that'll come in time. Also, I found this by just playing around, I'm very good with computers so if I fuck up my laptop here, I know how to fix it. Someone stated (above) that I used someone's book for this, but I don't read books, nor have I ever heard of the one that person is referring to, I figured this out by myself and decided to share. Thanks for the review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


i would have made it say
Go To Hell!
lol this is cool.

jpoke89 responds:

Well, I was trying to keep it family friendly, and go with the hundred year old programming example.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hello World

jpoke89 responds:

Thanks for the review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Couple of things though:
1) Where can I get those programs
2) Do I have to pay for them
3) Voted 5
4) Fantastic work!
5) Is this a couple of things?
6) I see you have a stupid computer at risk thing as well, know how to get rid of it?

jpoke89 responds:

Here's a couple of responses:
1) look at the creator's notes for the URLs to the utilities I mentioned.
2) No, they are completely freeware.
3) Thanks
4) Thanks, again!
5) No, not really, but that's okay.
6) I have avast! Antivirus, and I just disabled it's automatic VPS updates and forgot to re-enable them. If you are getting the System at Rick warnings because you don't have an antivirus, go to and get the free home edition. It requires a register, but registration is free. If you have Norton or McAfee or something oyu may need to update your subscription, or go with avast! like I did.
Good luck Alfie! thanks again for the review!