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Oedipus's RAD Adventure

rated 3.52 / 5 stars
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Nov 14, 2006 | 6:10 PM EST

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Author Comments

Well, just the other day I had this little project to do in world history. What we had to do is pick a greek god or legend or myth or whatever and do a little presentation on that. My group had no idea on what myth we could do, but our teacher suggested Oedipus.

I knew we would regret choosing that myth upon reading it.

Suicidal sphinxes and sons making love to mothers and having daughters who are your sisters and JESUS CHRIST it was a messed up story. However, it was perfect material for a flash movie.

I started out with writing a full script.

As you could tell, the script only took 5 minutes. The actual animation was done over a course of 3 in a half days (which explains the shitty animation in general). Most of the voice acting I either: did it in the middle of the night, or, did it right on the spot when I needed it (which is why some of the voice acting is total shit).

Overall, I had to trash almost 1/5th of the script (however, earlier I had to trash 1/2 of the script until our teacher gave us more time due to his projector exploding every 5 seconds) and people enjoyed it very much. I perticularly love that one scene with the Sphinx, mainly because of the voice I did for the Sphinx and the random doodles I drew while doing the scene.

I guess it isn't that bad for a flash thats been worked on for at least 3 in a half days. A much needed improvement from my other flash that I did almost a year ago.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

great man...

this was pretty funny, a little inaccurate though. it was antigone who was banished for burying Polynieces and he then he gouged his eyes out because he realized all that crap he did. i love how you pronounce Oedipus as Eat-a-puss.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

GO Oeddy

Graphics were decent as well as sound. There were some pronunciation issues, but I can live with that. Great job!

Otherwise, it was alright, I love this story, and I think it was an alright interpretation overall (especially considering the time constraint)


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

that sucked

thats not how that story went at all!!!! except the end...that bit was right......but still!!! thats not how it went!!!!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

cool one

that was a pretty cool animation. the drawings in this one were very nice, cool audio and it had an interesting idea to it.... a little bit strange, but it was still pretty cool to watch.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

alright for a school assignment.

The reason I gave a 0 in style is that I've seen the same circle-headed dot-eyed jerky crappy style in a lot of other submissions by other people. But overall the movie was effective. The suicide-gouging part would have been a good climax to animate.