Autumn War

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My first completed game. If it runs slow, click on 'options' and set the settings to low. Enjoy!
-Use forests to retreat, zombies will usually not persue if you dont shoot and retreat.
-Buying support adds a vehicle to the currently selected squad. the number isn's the cost, but how much time the vehicle will take to arrive.
-Whoever is closest to the enemy will engage them when an attack order is given.
-dont expect your men to fight a battle they cant hope to win.
-push 'M' for mission select.



This is most likly the best game ive ever played

i like it but...

i really didn't like to wait for about 2 or more minutes because it took me about a few seconds to pass the mission but i liked it a lot anyways.

good job

look its a good idea and all but here are a few things that need to be added:1.mutiple squads attacking 2.MORE GUNS 3.buyable guns!
4. more vehicles 5. being able to put more people on a vehicle! 6.special forces with special abilities 7. differant orders for differant men example one guy following another and covering him as the one in front stabs zombies! 8. better story line 9. differant playing modes ex. campain,custom game (being made customly by the play and then played!) and tutorial! 10. zombies get wepons (i did not beat the game so if that was put in my bad) 11. UPGRADES! as in armor,guns,skills,ect. 12. gernades and mines! 13. more
interactive! example a cedrtain part of the story line has a ambush! you have to become one of the men and shoot through zombies in a fast paced shooter
these are all things i think will ,make the game better and for those of you that odnt think the game is already excelent...then you dont know wat your talking aobut this was a great game adn i loved it


Great game.

It's not just your average zombie shoot-em-up. It requires tactics and strategy to beat, unlike the many NG zombie games where you just go in and shoot everything. Keep up the good work, comrade!

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Pretty good

nice submission a few flaws but a second version would be great

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4.30 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2006
5:15 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)