Autumn War

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My first completed game. If it runs slow, click on 'options' and set the settings to low. Enjoy!
-Use forests to retreat, zombies will usually not persue if you dont shoot and retreat.
-Buying support adds a vehicle to the currently selected squad. the number isn's the cost, but how much time the vehicle will take to arrive.
-Whoever is closest to the enemy will engage them when an attack order is given.
-dont expect your men to fight a battle they cant hope to win.
-push 'M' for mission select.


I like it alot

Ok here are my issue with this game

1: it needs a saved function so you can saved the game and resume it afterwards

2: Fix the zombie count meter because when i got it down to 4 zombie and said i had 3 left or when i was down to four and it said 0 zombie left...well you get the point...This deserved a spot in my favourite


Just brill!
i love the way you can ored to attak or move bak
my help to people is: advance at the start quickly press fire then when they get around half way to you ,hold postion, then if they get around 5 steps from you move bak, if they still reach u, press retreat

Fun, but buggy and needs a save feature

I enjoyed this game, but saw 2 main problems:

1) It needs a save function. This is a pretty slow game, and not everyone can sit down and play it start to finish. (Unless, of course, there IS a save function that I missed because I wasn't being observant...)

2) If you click on the unit picture during combat (the face in the upper left corner) you automatically defeat the zombies, regardless of how many there are or how few men you have.

Otherwise, an enjoyable game.

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Great game

It reminds me of a simpler flash version of Rome: Total War. The whole auto retreat is fine for me (they used that in Rome: Total War), but what people have said about the unit selection is a problem. I can't pass the 6th stage which I'm guessing is the last stage because of that (I can never get that hero unit to fight before I get double auto-retreated and lose).


Over all this was a really good game! One of the only problems I had with it, and I'm sure everyone else did, was that the scrolling across the war zone was really bad! Also I normally put games, and movies in high quality, yet I had to set it to low quality this time, so I didn't have to see every frame of movement! Work on that because I hate low q. and the scrolling. Otherwise it was awesome! Though I never figured out how much money I had, because there was no box that said it. It was confusing when I tried to buy items. I like how the game works, going from an overhead view, to the battle scene. When I saw this in the flash portal I gave it a 4. Same situation here.

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4.30 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2006
5:15 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)