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Autumn War

rated 4.30 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Nov 14, 2006 | 5:15 PM EST

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Author Comments

My first completed game. If it runs slow, click on 'options' and set the settings to low. Enjoy!
-Use forests to retreat, zombies will usually not persue if you dont shoot and retreat.
-Buying support adds a vehicle to the currently selected squad. the number isn's the cost, but how much time the vehicle will take to arrive.
-Whoever is closest to the enemy will engage them when an attack order is given.
-dont expect your men to fight a battle they cant hope to win.
-push 'M' for mission select.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Best zombie game ever

Looks really epic, and my cousin and I love watching movies where soldiers have to "hold the line."

Totally awesome, and I liked the style of it.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

kill the zombies.....

best stratagy game on newgrounds........although they are right about the waiting for vehicles.*take out hunting knife* lets go kill some zombies ^^........


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Dark fun and got that against all odds feel

I love comading my troops against the zeds but i agree the vehicles do take a bit long..

i especially like that the units position in the fight determines its position in the feild, id like a couple support options like artillary or airstrikes but not nessesary


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well now...

I have to say I agree with Lelouch, the times for the vehicles just take too long, they are almost not worth having unless you have them to begin with. That isn't to say the vehicles are not handy, they are, but they are not worth the wait. Now, as for the auto retreat, that is reasonable when there 20+ zombies comming at you, but they persue you even if your in heavy terrain, which if I remember correctly is not supposed to happen according to your in game help screen. Now I liked the music, I liked the graphics, and overall I loved the game, but I was slightly bothered by the final mission. The only way, as Lelouch has said before me, is to send forward the tank squad and at the same time have all your remaining forces build jeeps, or trucks. Now when you get into combat, use the fall back command and you will by yourself some valuable time for your forces to cause more damage. If you do anything else, you may as well forget the final mission, because your not going to win it. It's a simple fact I'm sorry to say, and yes I did finally beat the map, but not with the aid of the walker that you recieve after some time. It was just too slow to catch up with my tank, and jeep squads, even when it was on the road.

Anyway, to make a long story short, here is what I think would be nice to add onto the next one, or to modify on this one.
1. Faster build times on vehicles.
2. Faster reinforcement times on troops.
3. The ability to modify what arms are in use by a squad, not just giving them the single weapon with no choice. Make it a build time type thing....
4. Modify the combat range depending on terrian, since it would make sense for a units line of sight to be greater in a field then it would be in the woods.
5. More terrain such as mountains, streams, or deployable terrain minefields or razor wire which could be deployed by units, or perhaps in a base assault if you were to make another one... Come on... I want a base assault...
6. Add weather, if you could that could modify combat situations such as LOS (line of sight) or accuracy.
7. Allow groups of units to merge to form one larger unit. I find it hard to believe soldiers no matter how well trained, would be much more likely to fight in larger squads if given the option. More firepower in a group raises the odds of survival, any soldier knows it. It isn't like it was a scout force, they had tanks.
8. Experience points for squads would be a nice touch too, in the sixth mission my tank squad killed, all 5 of the 30 zombie groups, as well as 4 other smaller zombie groups that showed up after the main groups had been destroyed. Those guys would have been elites by then I'm thinking, or at least veterans. Making this type of change would require modified combat bonuses for their experience levels true, but it would add some more realism to the game.
9. Slow down the zombies in heavy terrain! I find it hard to believe that a zombie can move faster in the woods than in a field. I can believe the negative combat bonuses though that go with fighting with guns in the woods.
10. Finally, there is the matter of casualties. If a soldier were to fall to a zombie, wouldn't it stand to reason that the soilder would become a zombie? Now I'm not saying every single person who dies should become one, just all the people who die when you lose a combat. For example, if a group of 2 soilders were to face a group of 5 zombies, and the soldier die in the battle, wouldn't they become the undead as well? Now lets say there are 5 soldies, and 2 zombies, and a soilder dies, it would make sense that the remaining soldiers would "kill" their former ally before he could become one of the undead, as well as the creature that caused his untimely demise.

Of course these are just ideas bouncing around in my head, so do as you will, and I'm sure I'll enjoy your work.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Impressive but...

Great game! The battles and and music fit well and makes you feel apart of the game. Through a nice game it has its rough spots. I don't know how the credits system work...don't see and score or money count I'm guessing the numbers are the delay time? oh and that also reminds me that the delay time for the vehicles are a tad bit too long...I can finish a map (or get beaten) before the final vehicle can finish being made. The damn games gets REALLY hard at level 6 (and quit after spending 2 hours on that map) when your fighting 30 count zombie hoards that force your men to run away. The best I can do is make every one wait to create the 1st vehicle and send the tank unit up. Its your ONLY chance to keep from losing in the 1st minute because the normal troops can only do around 8 damage before they are forced to run and hopefully the zombie doesn't end up right next to the same guy again or up to any of your other troops or they will also automatically run away because they are too close and then you lose right there in the beginning of the map. Either make the "fall back" option more useful (I.E. faster movement) otherwise it doesn't even help to keep your troops from getting too close to the zombies. I get the reason why they run...because they know they can't fight off like 25 zombies with only 5 guys so they naturally run but when they do run you could fix it so you can maybe the zombie doesn't move like a whole inch to the side of the screen, maybe they take the place of the troops that ran?Other than that this has a lot of promise and I would love you to create another one or fix this one up a bit. This is one of the best strategy games I have ever seen of a flash. Kudos to you for this wonderful Gem.