The Knight and The Shadow

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A knight fights against a reflection of himself

This is a random fight that i did in some days, i used to practice special effects and sfx-sync, its not too good but it has been made with love (?)


well , leave reviews, i like them...


cha ching clash

well your movements are smooth color oppisites are a nice effect. sound is very clear and even though the violence was minimal it was still enough

but the good guy won...that makes me sad good doesnt ALWAYS win.


not too amazing

it has relatively smooth motions but the storyline which is obviously good vs evil isn't very interesting. The sounds are high quality even though you don't have background sounds or music. Adding a short intro that lays down the story/reason why they are fighting would already increase the value of this flash. I like the style of animation. You dont see many medievil flashes either which was nice to see this one.
Overall not too shabby.

it was ok

but it was too short. And maybe some background music

Nighthawkstudio responds:

Tnx for the review



That was pretty good, smooth. I think it could've been better if it was a little quicker, coz fighting with swords isn't usually that slow (I know, I've been fencing (french sword fighting) for 3 years). I like the cool graphic effects you used. And the swords were pretty cool. I'm not going to flame you for making something like a Madness flash coz they have no arms or legs, coz the animation overall, was pretty good.

1. Graphics were cool.
2. Smooth animation.

1. It was smooth, but a bit slow. Maybe the FPS could've been 30 instead of 24 or lower. 30 is best for fighting movies.

((( ShortMonkey )))

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Nighthawkstudio responds:

Thank you for your review
yeah i know what fencing is =D
i been fighting in junior tournaments here in Argentina for 2 years, what category of fencing are you? ( i mean, here we have, stilleto, sable, longsword and the other one that i dont know how to translate but is the most common one in fencing, you know the thin blade one.

well tnx again


...Well...quite short for a fight movie...

...but I find it still interesting ! I especially liked the hitting sword sound during the movie ! But you should have made it longer ! And more violent ! Also I would like you to put two different endings for each fighter ! Oh ! And one more thing : don't be depressed by people bad critissism ! Your flash isn't perfect but doesn't deserve a Zero ! That's why I voted 4 ! Cuz I like fighting scenes ! I wish you good luck !

Positive points :
- it reminds me of "Madness" ( the serie )
- fighting scene
- head cut off !

Negative points :
- no alternative endings

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Nighthawkstudio responds:

this is a very good review
cheers! xD

Tnx for your support


PS I like that idea about alternative endings, maybe a "Choose your own adventure" kind of film?

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2.59 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2006
4:17 PM EST
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