Behind the scenes : Mario

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All the things Ninty didn't want you to see.
Vote fairly, as I tried my best. I had vurtualy no time to work on this, as I get loads of homework.
If this does well enough, I might turn it into a series.

(Electricguitarclock game me the mario mix music in the first spoof. And I forgot to add credits! *please insert dramatic 'NOOOOO!' here*)


Coulda done more man

had potential. but you stopped so soon. a little more time and it might have been better.


pointless i almost fell asleep

tsk tsk

i know it takes a while but u cood hav made it a bit longer and that might have made it a bit better so hey not every british person likes it :p

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GDAB responds:

My next ones Longer! about 1 minute.


Nothing too new or too interesting. In fact, that last blooper almost made my eyes bleed.

GDAB responds:

Soz. I find it hard to under stand different culters humor. (I don't mean to be offencive, and soz if it did ofend anyone)
I live in the UK, and only know how to please a british person's thirst for humor. Send me a message about what you find funny. I'll probaly put it in the next one.

That was funny!

That was really cool.

I loved the idea of things like this.

You did great, I usually give zero's for everything, but yours was great!

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2.26 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2006
11:54 AM EST
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