ShoBizNewsyNews #36

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SNN still going strong! And to all you haters... Ty Paddington has KILLED Philip Norris! HAHAHAHAHA! This episode: Denise Richards throws laptops, Doogie is gay, Britney & Reese split, Jack's dead & This Week in Pictures!


There's no news like ShoBoz Newsy News....

OMFG, I laughed and spewed soda all over my boss's monitor. These keep getting better and better, or, is it more like celebrities keep getting fucktarder and fucktarder?


funny episode but to darkgunfighters review um...19 years old and your assuming their testicles havent dropped? is that from personal experience or a terrible assumption? because if its from personal experience I would keep that on the DL if I were you >.>; thats pretty sad man gl with that lol

A Different day

Usually I blast the hell out of SNN, because usually there's nothing funny about it at all.

I'm glad I can finally show that I'm not just a hateful son of a bitch with a grudge, this one had some good humour.

Everything before the Jack Palance gag was pretty clever

Everything after was typical bland SNN, but the first half makes up for it. Fed-Ex.

I hope you continue to become more clever about these.

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It was alright. I liked it.

Dear Darkgunfighter,

Please don't say those things without checking every profile for the user's age. You can't just assume those things. And sex was a little irrelevant to the actual review.


Dear Walrus, to get on track of your flash,

It was good. You have an interesting series. Ignore what the person below me (by comment) said about the importance of sex and relevance to Family Guy. Family Guy is a phase, but don't ever feel tempted to copy the kind of jokes Family Guy uses. I'm not saying that you ever did do something like that. Just keep what you got going, because I notice a steady incline in your work. Good luck on your next SSN new flash.


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I've been a fan of this series since the beginning. Walrus, Don't change a thing. SNN is the only entertainment news show worth watching.

Now to address all those negative reviews. I have noticed that the majority of those bad reviews come from people who are 19 years old or less; showing the immaturity and lack of appreciation for humor that is typical among the teenage male whose other testicle hasn't descended yet.

I put it to you that no one who likes Family Guy can hate SNN. Half the jokes on Family Guy are about sex. Sex sells, sex is funny, sex is sexy. There you go. If you like Family Guy, you like SNN. You have no choice.

All you haters, grow up and stop flaming.

Or Ty will cut you...

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Nov 14, 2006
9:55 AM EST
Comedy - Parody