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We Come In Peace!

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Two aliens head out on their journey to seek a peaceful planet, but aren't so peaceful themselves.

something I did for my com tech class this year
i hope you all enjoy

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never thought i'd see the day

where duke ellington would be used in a space-themed flash. i enjoyed the contrast of music, and i also enjoyed the pure ignorance of the aliens.

btw, do you know when they're going to destroy earth IRL? thx.

Rybry responds:

posibly in 3 days, not sure
thnx for the review

Nice work.

=Good Points=
A good flash I must say, the basis of it was good. The drawings, animation, everything was done fairly well. I enjoy the humor in this to. Also the sound was pretty classy, and good quality. Above all great work and keep it up.

=Bad Points=
The only thing wrong was when the aliens were speaking the voices were pretty hard to hear, not really how they were talking jsut the music in the background made it hard. Besides that it was pretty decent.

Rybry responds:

thanks a lot, next time i'll take the sound in to acount more


I was expecting it to be...Kind of...Longer....But...No.


nice graphics, grainy sound but it was obviously intended for the aliens so its cool, funny stuff :)

of course you know we're done for... bye bye earth!

Rybry responds:

haha thanks for the good review

Well done good sir!

Those aliens looked pretty awesomely drawn there, as so did everything else in this short movie. The voices were really unique too. Except they would've sounded a little better if they spoke jibberish and you could translate it at the bottom in subtitles. Another slight problem I found was the music choice. No, the music itself was fine. It's just that I'm not entirely sure jazz goes with an alien theme, especially if the aliens are destroying planets for no good reason.
Other than that, this should really continue to a series if possible, because this is great!

Rybry responds:

thanks for the good feedback, yeah i might continue it and i'll take what you said into consideraton for my next flash

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2006
11:18 PM EST

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