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-:Destination 2:-

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D3 is in the works.

Also, submit this to madness collection please

~ scrimp


I Bet Mick was trying to get the Jewel. This Madness Movie was Classic. More Blood and Gore and Violence and music choices and more people, who were Rick's slaves More Guards while of them Were Ninjas and Some new People including The Special Unit and RPG Madness, People which were never seen in the other Destination Madness Movie. the Blood stains on the floor were mostly small during the madness but were medium blood stains on the floor and more blood on the wall as well. i did enjoyed this madness movie. i have watched this in the past. Its good to watch this Madness Movie for the first time in a few years, Nice Job. I Bet we won't see the 3rd Destination madness movie at all?

A Classic Madness

scrimpy responds:

I'm honored to have it called that.

nice ripoff

reminds me of bunnykill... i wonder why?

scrimpy responds:

See, Bunnykill itself was inspired by Madness and more or less became its own thing. This is a direct tribute to Madness, so if a ripoff of anything, it's of that.

C'mon man

Please don't tell me that you made this with "Make a madness guy"

scrimpy responds:

Never did. I remember using sto0g3 sprites though.

i like it you have great skills

you waana join my collab

scrimpy responds:

Nope, sorry bro

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3.88 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2006
5:29 PM EST