Madness Chaos Part I

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My own version of Krinkels' Madness.

You might need to view this on medium quality to avoid lag.

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this is great!! but could use some better weapons. HURRY UP WITH 2nd!!!!!!!!1!!11

Not bad, i quite liked it

The blood work was good, you just need to change the black out line round it.

worth the time to watch

liked this film be better if not so much black and white with more detail

not bad

yeah you did a pretty good job at this. the animations where nice, and you had some good ideas in it.

but many scenes where far to slow, and enemies often stand around doing nothing. this is very different to the real madness serie, as there is a non stop killing action with no rests. the end was not so good, too. cmon, he must have knows that the pirate (nice music) was the more dangeroes guy, so why didnt he finish him and THEN kill the one with the gun? makes no sence to me...

and yes, there were a bit too many empty magazines in it^^

but over all as i said, not bad. and i shortened the time that i have to wait for kinkels next REAL madness...

Wasnt the best

It was actually good. Its just that you reanimated some parts of the other madness combats.

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2.88 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2006
11:41 PM EST
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