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well, in a nut shell all this is a years worth of unfinished flash. So I'll take your constructive critisism but it would help me if it were early 2006. :D

Fun Fact
this flash has over 58 layers! :O :O



it was alright to watch.... very short and random, but your efforts were good and it was alright to check out.

ok.... sure

well, it was pritty good. but i think u had alot of potental. i liked some of the parodys of stuff, like the strawberry clock and such, but the one thing that could've used alot of improvement would have to be the part with those 3 guys talking. first of all, WTF were they talking about, second, u need a better mic, third,it needs to be smoother. it jumped into everything to fast. another thing that wasn't that bad,but kinnda was bad, was the backround music, it should be alittle quiter and not so distracting. but other then that, it was good. i liked the mutant marshmellow or whatever that was.

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peanutbutterclawk responds:

lol I have no idea what the white thing with the teeth was, but you can call it whatever you want. XD But pretty much man all this is a collection of my unfinished flash this year, some old some relatively new.

not bad

i had a blam in mind at the beginning, but i of course turned sides throughout the entireity of the movie. good job. i cant offer much help, not being an animator, but having judged a lot, you seem to be on the right path if you make an entire flash and add a story.


peanutbutterclawk responds:



That's pretty cool, man. My voice acting sounds kinda bad though. XD

58 layers?

if that was 58 layers you need to learn about movie clips and scene changes.
also the style of animation was very inconsistant.
read some flash tutorials on animation, that might help.
all and all it was sensless, but not to bad to watch 1 time.

peanutbutterclawk responds:

your a dumbass, all it is is a bunch of unfinished flash I've made this year, HENCE THE NAME.

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Nov 12, 2006
2:15 PM EST