Tutorial: SWF Capturing

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This is a tutorial I made explaining ways to save SWF files(flash movies and games) to your computer for personal viewing. There are 2 ways.
1: by yourself
2: with a program
I explain both.


Not very usefull

I don't think it is usefull, unless you are Eric Bauman's brother and want to put others work to your website. Anyway i know a better and maybe shorter way to save movie by yourself. Open a window where is the flash ou want to save, open SOURCE, clikc ctrl+f and type .swf. Find swf's. Now make a new .txt document and put that link by also typing a href. Save, change .txt to .html open with your web browser, right click on the link and click Save Target As...

That's a better way i guess because you don't need to clean up all your temp files.


Nice tut, for beginners :-)

Actually there's no need of a full-blown tutorial about how to move an swf from your temporary internet folder to another folder on your pc. Anyways, like the title says, beginners may find this useful.

@youme: don't be silly: moving files on your pc is *not* stealing. If having a copy of the swf on your pc were illegal, then you could not download it at all in the first place... ;-)

well. thats a bit to complicated

you can just get firefox and get the extention "unplug". that allows you to break down all the media files on the page. there you can just rightclick and click save. thats the way i do it. nice job besides.

Looks Good, Sounds useful

You never know, I might use that someday!

couple of small errors you might check out:
eg instead of ie- "a website ite/eg NewGrounds

also, in Captions by yourself-
"newgrounds" put in capitols
spell submittion/submission

omg dude thanks

omg... i love u lol thanks for the help and tht nice little flash game thingy lol

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Nov 12, 2006
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