Gear of Metal

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Snake's on a mission...


Woot! Got Metal Gear collection! :D Thanks!



^^Good Points^^
This was a good metal gear parody. I think I will suggest it for the Metal Gear collection. The voice overs were very well done, and the humor was great too. The best part had to be the quadrapalegic guard. Nice job on the animations as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
The drawings are a little too plain for me. You didn't put much detail into the backgrounds and such, which was disappointing. Also, try to stand a little further from you mic, since there was clearly some noise in there resulting from that.

Leet-Productions responds:

I love quadrapledgic guards;. :D

Thanks lots.

Very good.

I like how every metal gear flash includes the box joke ^_^
Anyways, the quadriplegic guard part was pretty funny, the rest of it was generally good, so I guess I'll give you my fifen :D


Leet-Productions responds:

Sweet, thanks.

Very Funny.

Loved the little intro speech about Snake being shoved into a torpedo. Great humour so far and the simple graphics work well.

Keep up the awesome work.

Leet-Productions responds:

Thanks a lot. The intro speech was just some random idea that popped into my head while writing the script.

I liked it.

As is apparent, great lip syncing, I saw your own personal message in some of the frames, XD. But a great cartoon, I can't wait to see the develope and improve, the only thing I think you can work on is character design. I.e the heads were, pretty much perfect circles. But carry on, I really like what I see.
Great Snake impression as well....

Leet-Productions responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked. The perfect circle headd was meant to contribute to the 'cartoony' styling.

Nice Metal Gear Parody

Watch this if you want a pretty sweet Metal Gear parody, the animation is generally well done and so is the drawing, well done for not going down the route that nearly all parodies go. You kept to the subject matter and was overall pretty funny.

That was a pretty good Snake voice, but the others were very so-so.

Leet-Productions responds:

I didn't do the Snake voice, I did every voice except the colonel, and Snake.

I'm glad you liked, thanks.

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3.61 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2006
1:47 PM EST
Comedy - Parody