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A remake of PANG an old game from 1989 by capcom.


good but,

i would've voted higher, but it was just like Bubble Trouble, which u can play on addictinggames it was EXACTLY like it, except with sprites instead of nice smooth animation. So... sorry, but I couldn't bring myself to give you a high score. I gave you a 5/5, though, just to be nice ;-)

antebios responds:

well, You know Bubble trouble is first a clone of PANG...Search on google about what is this famous pang game...

cool one

that was a pretty fun game. I've never heard of the game PANG before, so i didn't get the plot/concept until i started playing this one. this game was a lot of fun, good gameplay, cool graphics and it was a good time killer.
nice work on this one... what console was this game original on anyways?

antebios responds:

Was for Arcade first in 1989 by Kihaji Okamoto. 1 year later you found this game on every platform. Like Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, GX-4000,super nes, ZX Spectrum...


I liked the eye appeal of the buttons and the graphics overall. The were shaded good and came together nicely. The actionscripting is Supreb.
Good game.

The Best Arcade Pang Remix

Finally a nice adaptation of super pang. I was addict at the super nes version. this one is really fun. nice job. :)


I've played pang before and this is a good version aswell, some of it seemed a little sketchy though like in speeds and physics but it was fun to play and thats all that matters!

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3.69 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2006
11:56 AM EST
Skill - Other