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Chemistry with Sonic

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Chemistry with Sonic 2 accessible here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/370431

To all the angry fanboy reviewers, I did not steal another author's idea to make this movie, nor have I ever heard of or seen that person's movie. Speaking of which, it's very sad that you bottom feeders, who hoard on the reviews like baboons with seeds for brains, are even vexing themselves over me supposedly stealing off someone who didn't exactly think up a fundamentally original idea in the first place. Sonic, especially sprite movies involving the character, are not original at the base. Also, tutorial movies involving popular subjects in science are bound to come across often, perhaps involving one or more popular video game characters as well. It's a shame really, and there's me thinking that the further spread of knowledge would be beneficial.

This might sound silly, a movie where Sonic demonstrates Chemistry principles, but that's what was intended. The idea is very much absurd to me, but I felt like doing it anyway. Only took me about 3 weeks or so to make anyway. Since this is a tutorial with a lot of reading, you'll probably find it boring if you don't want to learn anything else today.

Although I tried to make it simple, at some stages I probably made a bit too complicated, so for those who are familiar with some Chemistry will find this easier to understand. You don't need any prior knowledge, but I'm assuming that you would have some very basic knowledge of Chemistry at the lowest level in high school at least. It does not really matter though.

Lastly, sorry if the reading speed is too fast, I aimed to make it somewhat slower than my own.

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very good job.

Nice idea

It's always the salt bridge and LEO goes GER that gets people. It's nice to see a simple walk through of what happens. I liked the first part a lot. :D

However, there is one thing about the diagram that drives me nuts. XD

If the Sonic Cell is where the Oxidation Reaction occurs and the Knuckles Cell is where Reduction Reaction happens, the two have to be joined before anything happens. So, both Sonic and Knuckles should have been asleep until the Salt bridge was added. Once the salt bridge was added, Sonic and Knuckles should have become Super at the same time, and when Sonic fell asleep, Knuckles should have fell asleep too.

The reason is simple. Reduction can't happen without Oxidation and Oxidation can't happen without Reduction. If the Sonic Electrode gives some of the Sonic Ions electrons, they need someone to "throw" the electrons to. The Knuckles Ions that have lost electrons and would love to "catch" one whenever the electrode takes it away. Once the salt bridge is added, a massive "game of catch" ensues until Sonic runs out of electrons to give to his ions or Knuckles can't take anymore electrons from his ions. Both Sonic and Knuckles will "fall asleep" while their ions' continue to "play" until they get "bored".

Once the Ions are "bored", it's time to replace the batteries. :3

this sucks

learning is gay

Liquid-Phoenix responds:

Can't get any more rational than that, cyanide flavour aid anyone?

Love It!

Wow...this is awesome! (its also funny)

Thanks for uploading this!...this will prob. help me like,in the higher school grades!


I happened to know nothing of the subject (I have never been in chemistry studies.), and now I feel much lighter on the subject. Very well done.

Teachers and other fellow learners will find this good to use for studying. Fun, funny and makes you think more about ions and such. Keep up the good work!

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3.72 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2006
4:39 PM EST