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Frog City

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Controls: Use Arrows to move. Press space to restart.

I hope you like it. If so, don't forget to visit my site :D

Have fun!


Sorry man, it wasn't all that good...

I'm not looking to be a total asswipe but I will give you one respect, I love the game Frogger. I have nothing against the old Frogger, or your Frogger for that matter. No originality WHAT so ever. Graphics were bad, sound was....retarded, but I gotta put at least one good thing so here it is... uhh...... hold on i got it...
GOOD TRY, KEEP GOING!! I hope you don't take this entirely personal but you seriously need to rework your flash skills. NOT SAYING that I could do better because hell, I couldn't, but I'm sure you could!! That's all I got and I'm not being offensive on purpose. Good try, keep it goin' on and uhh.... keep it...cool?


if yer gonna remake an old game, at least pick a good one

adi4x responds:

Old Game for you is Quake1 or Doom.
If you have 16. :)


the music is pretty annoying. but it's all.... cute.

How ironic...

Getting run over by an ambulance. Maybe add some more sounds when the frog is moving and different music for different levels...or the option to turn the annouying music off. That song's gonna be stuck in my head all week. Anyways, abck to my critiszm. The game was pretty good, kinda like the unimaginitive ones you get from a McDonalds video game or one of those games in my old Franklin the turtle PC game.

You half-assed it. Good job.

cool one

well, Frogger is pretty unoriginal now, but this one was fun to play, nice graphics, good gameplay and it was a good waster of unneeded time.

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3.21 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2006
6:13 AM EST
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