Celestial Pinball

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The monochromatic duality of the universe is inherant in the taiji. With the symbolic Phoenix and Dragon representing Yin and Yang, Trigrams from the Book of changes, the Taoist celestial kingdom is complete!


a quick column of bits and you get 2x pts. get ALL the "trigrams" quickly and you can get 4x multiplier! Xtra points for the glowing trigram

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Well, this is certainly interesting.

An interesting take on the popular concept of pinball. I like it.


fucking awesome. thats all i have to say.

excellent style, too small

Nice game! Probably would get better with a bigger (higher) area to play, or smaller objects. It's a little confusing at first, because you see the dragons just appear and look to the sides, not move up or push up anything. Animate them a bit or just make them look up, so it's more intuitive what they do (yeah I know it's pinball, but... :-))

The style is very good. It would be even more appealing with more gray tones, not mostly black and white.

And maybe it was just me, but I had to stop each game after 20 or 30 seconds because the stars make me dizzy. They are too crisp and move too fast. If that's not your intention, make them dark grey, less of them, and move them a little slower.

Music would be a nice addition.

As someone said before, work on this and we'll see you in the front page :)

Great work!

Simplity, fun, but most importantly, the slick black and qhite style and ancient China theme... great, it's pure art!

One of the most..

original takes of a classic genre iv'e seen in ages.These are the types of concepts that make this site so rewarding.great work bro

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3.60 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2006
10:21 PM EST
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