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Artificial Beauty

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Beauty is created through your fingertips!

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I admit this wasn't a good game, but it was okay. The best part is probably how you have a limited time to make the woman. I guess people for looking for a more erotic game. Yeah, you'd probably be up to the hundreds of thousands at least. I know how this place works. I admit I just randomly selected stuff and it didn't work out too well for me.

I made some bald Asian woman in a business suit. I deserved my low score. I was a bit unsure on how to select everything. The drawings themselves just aren't that good. I can't think of anything particularly noteworthy about this.

I've played this before, ages ago

but since I don't know whether or not you are the original author I can't report this. but tell me, where else is this hosted?

not bad one

that was an interesting game. i was original expecting some sort of dress-up, but this one was totally different. pressing buttons 1-8 was an original idea and it was fun to play... added some extra entertainment if you intentionally made her look bad.. added to the humour level too.
overall, it was fun to play and your efforts were good.

Nice idea.

__The Good__
The graphics were pretty nice, nice variety of accesories and the character didn't look bad either. The style was really good, never seen a game like this before. The music was pretty good and the game play was fun. It was funny to see what my lady looked like at the end.

__The Bad__
This got really boring really fast. You should of had more games put into this.

__Over All__
A creative game about finding what type of girl you like. Nice job on this, keep up the good work!.

cool idea

havent seen this concept before and i though it was funny. ill admit, i did it more than once Lol

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2.65 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2006
11:09 PM EST
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