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Passions Creek

rated 3.47 / 5 stars
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Nov 9, 2006 | 6:37 PM EST

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I respond to all reviews!

Hey guys! I'm back again, but this time with something that'll actually effect my school year! This flash is a preview to my senior year project, worth a heavy bit of five of my subjects!

For my senior year, I am creating a TV show. Rather than leaving the entire student body hanging until April, I made this, as a way of describing the characters, letting you see who got what part, a SNEAK PREVIEW to scene III of the first script, a special thanks to all who helped, and pictures of the actors/actresses (Minus a few who didn't want their pictures seen).

As well, throughout the year as episodes are completed I will be putting some clips on YouTube, I'll keep you updated! I am also making a website where you can purchase the DVD online if you really like it!

Thanks for your help, I hope you enjoy reading up on my project and I will keep you updated with more flashes or posts on the BBS!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Keith Urban...


Billy-Bean responds:

Hahaha, not a fan of him, eh?

That was actually the only song I kinda like by him, I just thought it fit in with the series well.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Passions Creek

Oh my i can't wait for the production of this. Lol its going to be really awesome. Considering all of the cast consists of my best-friends. Lol...actually im at your house now...looking at your damn heat dish
I can understand why the rating was low...ppl donw know wtf passions creek is...and they're douche bags:P lol its gunna be lots of fun


Billy-Bean responds:

Lol I know it's gonna be awesome making the bloopers DVD. :-P
Me and you are enemies!! D:<<<<<<<

~Billy Bean


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
The music isn't bad for this type of dealy.

^^Needs Improving^^
What is this for? Some type of movie you are making. Perhaps I would be interested, but it doesn't sound like this movie will be made in Flash, so what do I care. I really think the lack of success this will get is because no one really cares about your friends and who they are, and no one wants to read a preview of a script about these people either. I'd keep it within your school.

Billy-Bean responds:

Okay, yeah, the song is pretty good. It's not going to be the song for the entire thing though, it's only temporary until I actually make the theme song. And although I am not making my show a flash, this project is a flash and I will be using flash a lot throughout the development, so flash IS a big part of it. And this is far from a lack of success. It had a low rating because Newgrounds still doesn't entirely know what's going on, as I progress on making this you will learn more and vote higher. I only put this on for it to pass, I knew I wouldn't get a high rating, until my others which give me a 3.58 B/A. And I only had a little commentary about my friends for you to read as a laugh, you don't need to know them to know what would be funny or good, because I told you if so or so would be good for the part or not. You don't need to know my characters to like the show, just like you don't need to know any other actor to enjoy their movies. And people do want to the read the script and are interested, I have lots of people all over the web who are interested in my idea and excited about April when they can buy it, just because you don't know someone doesn't mean you won't like their work, as I mentioned earlier. And "these people" are just characters. Only a couple are based off of actual people and it doesn't even really matter because as the show progresses you learn everything you need to know about the flash anyways.. Show, sorry. I'm not keeping it within my school because I have to SELL this, I am making a website for people to purchase it online and I already have people booking orders now, months before it's actually going to be made. Your problem is that you're taking the conduct of the show to seriously and looking past the idea of the flash, to inform you about the show, an "imformative flash," which is, in fact, a flash. Just because it's a show doesn't mean I can't use other programs to help advertise or inform people about it. Anyways, thanks for your review and perhaps you should start considering other things more carefully rather than just randomly rambling on without really thinking.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Lot's o' work to do...

well, interesting project and kudos to your teachers for letting you try this. Seems to be a lot (as in A LOT ) of work. Maybe you should like storyboard the scenes and up them up here on NG for feedback.

Keep it simple and get it done...

Billy-Bean responds:

Heh, thanks. I don't wanna completely give out the script, only preview it. On other flashes I'm making for this I'm planning on adding some sneak-peaks to, just to prove I'm actually working. And yes, it is A LOT of work!!