Sorry Ruppe )':

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Sorry Ruppe )':


Do you think

Do you think if I asked Tom he could permanently sticky this in the Clock crew history collection? It's historically accurate and important. It would fit in superbly with all of those old clock movies made by some founding clocks. You are after all a really, really old respected clock perhaps even-- the greatest of all clocks? :O

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poor ruppe

he is so misunderstood. i want ruppe to be my friend too.

StalinClock responds:

Finally someone who understands my pain!

This reminds me of something.

I used to PM Rupee a lot of questions, and soon he got pissed at me and blocked me form ever PMing him again.
I really didn't mean to piss him off, but somehow I did.
Now he hates me. :'(
Anyway, this flash was okay, but seriously, why did you try to express your sadness through this movie? Honestly.

StalinClock responds:

Because it was special way of apologising, why else?

NOT suitable for all audiences...

... with that picture in it.

Otherwise not too bad. Its really just an in joke for you and your friends, though. Not of much interest to the rest of us.

Relevent music, though and slightly humourous

StalinClock responds:



ok so what was this about, it wasn't clear and it says there its good for all audiences en yet you got that guy with a huge erection in the background. Sorry but i really didn't like it at all, the only good thing about the movie was it's length.

StalinClock responds:

I liked the length of it as well.

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2.27 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2006
3:46 PM EST
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