Frax's World Ep. 9

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The 9th Episode of Frax's World with a whole new chrapic style.
Runtime is 5 minutes, longest episode so far.
In this episode we meet Bob, Joe, The boss, and the Swat members.
This episode will be continued in Ep. 11 beacause i planned
a birthday party in frax's world beacause of the 10th Episode.
Story was written by Neonie, thanks for the great story !!
He will now be a part of the development of the series as a
writer or co-writer. I'm also looking for some skilled Voice Actors
if you are interested you can always PM me.


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Average, but still okay.

Well first and foremost, loved the character designs. The cartoony feel to them was great and they really suited their environments. The use of shading was good as was how you drew light onto their hair. The eyes were pretty good as well, and the different head shapes gave ti a bit of variety. However, the Boss's belly was really the wrong shape and looked like it had been rushed. The little tint on his shades was a nice touch.
However, while you put a good amount of effort into the drawings, you didn't animate them enough. Quite often the characters would just stand around and not move at all, which in my opinion ruined an otherwise great flash. You should work on having every character always doing something, even if it's something as little as their chest rising and falling. The gun was another thing that was poorly animated. Instead of having it flick back from recoil every time it was fired, it usually just stayed in the same place. Try to incorporate a bit of reality into the flash next time. Also, there was no flash whenever it was fired and only once did I see a bullet, when the SWAT guy was shot. Don't get lazy when working on things, it really does boost up the quality, and therefore the score.
The backgrounds were well done, but looked a little plain at bits, such as at the very start where it was mostly the wall and floor which had no real distinguishing features other than slightly different colours, but after furniture started appearing it was fixed.
I also thought the sand paper effect at the menu was a nice little touch.

The sound and music was great, as were most of the voices. The only thing that really let it down was when there was a sudden lack of sound (Falling out the window, for example.) If you could try to always have a bit of atmospheric noises, such as police sirens, but not so loud they dominate everything or overrun the voices.
Speaking of voices, Boss's voice was difficult to understand at parts because it was too quiet. Maybe add a subtitles feature so people don't have to turn their volume up? Loved the credits music by the way, but ended far too quickly. You could have played it at the menu too.

Graphically the flash wasn't very violent, which is probably a good thing. The only thing is that a complete lack of noticeable violence made it all a little unreal and not as good as it could have been.

Nice menu, worked fine and had no glitches. Loading time was good and the button worked fine. Next time you could make your own instead of using the newgrounds one as a template, so the play button looked the same as the loading bar.

The humour seemed a little cliche and stereotypical, such as police being obsessed with donuts. Actually, just about every joke seemed to include donuts in one way or another. Maybe spice it up a bit next time so it isn't so bland.

The only other thing wrong with this was that when the Boss called the police, the phone was ringing for far too long and the gaps between each ring was overlong as well.

Overall, this was a brilliant flash, but was dragged down by little mistakes and laziness. Keep your focus, and I'm sure you'll be a brilliant animator! Best of luck to you.

at points, it generally

+++ Great tune for ending credits.

++++ I love how you've basically redone your entire style, but done it well. Again.

+++ Donut talk made me smile.

-- I was disappointed to see the ending music end so abruptly. Maybe have it last a wee bit longer, maybe fade out with the sound panel options.

-- in the character bios, 2nd sentence for Bob is unclear and grammatically messed up.

- unoriginal setup.

-- When Bob stands on top of the dude and shoots his head, it's just a still frame. Looks almost broken. Have him recoil, or smoke appear or something.

-- When cop gets shot in the box and doesn't die, my incredulous nature got in the way of my suspension of disbelief.

?? Maybe have bios before loading is complete? You know it'd make sense...

++ Kinda amusing wrap-up.

Though unoriginal and a tad tiring at points, it generally entertained.

Quit good

Hmm, it was quit good, the sound could've been better quality, and it kinda was a bit too long, but the animation was smooth the idea wasn't all too original, but still good, andthe graphics are very nice. Humor is not too special but i giggled.
Overal: nice, just work on your audio, and don't make things too long, or make huge plot twists !


i saw a lot of potentially funny jokes but didnt happen seems kinda rushed as well apart from that good flash

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2.70 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2006
2:01 PM EST
Comedy - Original