Romeo and Juliet (almost)

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This is my year 9 English project, which was meant to be a modern interpretation of a scene from Romeo and Juliet. It makes a lot of references (mainly, pokes fun at) to Baz Luhrmann's movie, mainly so I could get back at my teacher for drivelling on for so long about how good a movie it is.

This is only my second movie, as well as my first attempt at both a custom loading bar and dubbing, so don't expect ultra slick animation.

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that was crunk!!1

i loved it lol

tibalt dressed as a cat lol you should do the whole story

CrumpitBoy responds:

Crunk yo shpunk!

I CBF doing the rest of such a crap movie, although maybe I'll remake Titanic, after my current project.


that was the song at the end wasn't it??
good movie, and well done abtou paying out leonardo.

CrumpitBoy responds:

Yeah, it was Spicks and Specs. I fell in love with that song about a month ago.

Also agree with the Leonardo Di Caprio comment, that "guy" deserves to be payed out waaaayyy more, like, every day. Or someone should kill him by making him watch a 10 year long montage of every time hes died in a movie. Either or really. I hate that guy.

Good Show.

=Good Points=
Well I personally thought it was hilarious. The whole idea of it was great, I really enjoyed the intro with the God Father's theme I think. Now for the animation and graphics, they were good to aswell as the sound and voices. You did a great job, and above all a truely funny film. "It's just a scratch".

=Bad Points=
Although the characters were good, they could've been done better. Maybe not redo them completely just make them a little more realistic, along with the blood. Besides that it was great.

CrumpitBoy responds:

I agree with you on the characters point, I was kinda rushing to get it done (one of the reasons I used "South Park" style), but now it's developed a kinda style so I don't think there'll be many major changes there. Thanks for the good review =D.

That was really funny

At the start, I thought it was gonna be bad but instead, it got really good and I loved the end with William Shakespeare when he has a crossbow and kills himself. LOL. Well Done.

CrumpitBoy responds:

My favorite bit too. It was a spontaneous bust of inspiration I got around 1.30am the day before the project was due, after about my fourth cup of coffee.

extremly random but i guess deserves to pass.

just one thing... why does it make a sword noise when he pulls out a gun lol?? didnt make much sence dont see the point in it for the school work one other thing i like the credits.

CrumpitBoy responds:

Thanks for the review. I know that some of it it may seem a bit random, but most of the stuff that doesn't make sense is relating to the (Baz Luhrmann's) movie.

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3.80 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2006
3:47 AM EST
Comedy - Parody