Error: Entire Series

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This is every episode of Error: The VideoGame Defiance built into one movie! Please enjoy! DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DISLIKE SPRITES!
Thank You!
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Gimme a G!
Gimme a H!
Gimme a E!
Gimme a Y!

What does that spell!?(I feel an immense pain on my head as mario jumps on me.)

I like it...

And I'm not sure why.
It would be nice if the images where larger. If I wanted to show that to a friend, I would have to give up my chair for them to be able to see it.

I can see that you tried

...and quite honestly it's fun to watch at times. But why did you break up the action by forcing the viewer to constantly click on dialogue boxes? It was annoying - you should just set aside a few seconds for the text boxes next time. So what if some people read slow? It's a slight inconvenience for a few weighed against a big inconvenience for the majority. I'd much rather that the text boxes went by faster than I could read them than me being forced to click those arrows all the time.

The other thing this flash is missing is zooms and camera movement. Well, it's not necessary of course, but it could've been nice.

This could be much better, but I'm being nice and giving a "6" seeing as how you did do some cool things in there - this is better than most stuff on Newgrounds, so it probably deserves above a "5".

So yes. Keep improving.

connemaraproductions responds:

thanks! i don't realy know how to do zoom much and stuff so i stick to the basics!

Over all, not bad!

I hate it that mario lost to sasuke...the only downfall in all of your videos is when it pauses for a minute, when the two are fighting, then one falls down, and you couldn't see what has happened..
5/5, good luck on this passing, and where did you get your sprites at?

connemaraproductions responds:

thanks alot! i get my sprites off of good ol' google!


it was a great flash but it was the result was all the same
the one on the left will win

connemaraproductions responds:

lol!!! the funny thing is that that was all just an accident the one on the left winning! didn't do it on purpose! thanks for the review!

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3.27 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2006
10:05 PM EST
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