Terminator Re-enactment¹

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Terminator enters and his frame ever so eager that He shot the clerk and stole the guns.

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I'll be back

Not bad. That's one of my favorite scenes from the movie. Good job.

It made me smile

Good job, I liked the animation and the voice acting. It's a little short, and it's got no real background to it. But it's not a parody, in fact, there's nothing besides the title and Arnold Shchwarzenager(I bet I spelled it wrong) being in it that suggest it has anything to do with terminator.

Engalde responds:

Have you even seen terminator one?

yeah but.

Well the animation is pretty nice, and i quite like the style.

But if I'm not mistaken you just took the audio from the movie and re-animated the scene, nothing bad there, actually its a pretty good animation exersise..

But its not a parody...

Engalde responds:

It is good animation exercise. I learn alot doing this. (this is my second "re-animated movie". My drawing skills have improved and I'm getting the hang of how to animated arms,facial emotions and syncing dialoge with spoken words.

Needs a little bit more.

Good job. I liked your graphics and stuff but at the end you misspelled replay and put reply. I did think this was pretty good and had potential but usually parodies are funny. There really wasn't any humor put in unless you count him shooting the guy humor.

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Nov 8, 2006
2:29 PM EST
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