Hunchback Harry

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This submission has been a long project for me, and has had a fair bit of effort put into it. It follows a basic style that has no lines, and I think it looks pretty good, especially in large images. This is basically a revamped version of my, "Adventures of Mr. Blob". I recieved good feedback off Mr. Blob, with the only complaints being graphic wise. So I decided to redo the graphics into this new moniker. I hope you enjoy this game, because I definitely enjoyed making it.

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cool nice like ok cool good one

I liked your voice overs. You ranged them well and they were quite clear. There was a bunch of humor in this, like the flashback to six flags. The drawings were also pretty good, especially your characters and some of the plane crash part.
I was expecting this to be a little funnier. Random seems to be the new thing nowadays, so maybe think of that for you next episode. Also, I wasn't very wowed by the backgrounds.

cool game

that was an alright game. the graphics were nice, good character... quite original too, neat audio, good challenge, and it was a lot of fun to play. a few more levels would've been nicer too, but overall, this one was pretty fun to play. i enjoyed this game.


^^Good Points^^
Not bad groundwork for a good game. The backgrounds were quite interesting, and the level designs weren't bad. The music and sound effects were good too.

^^Needs Improving^^
With some improvement this game could be a lot better. The main problem I see is the detection and spawn death problem. I think I got a few cheap deaths when I clearly didn't touch an obstacle, and sometimes those flying guys would hit me right when I respawned, which was even worse. You need to trim down the detection area a bit for this.

This is a good game and very enjoyable

I enjoyed this game and it made me laugh a lot, it was good fun.

not fun

Its not that fun and i can name some things that would prove that

1. Whats the point of the game
2. The dude has like 20 lives
3. Not much changes in a new level i mean theres only like 1 new enemy

There are some reasons try harder next time

Chindamo responds:

For some reason I knew you didn't have any flash in the portal. Why am I getting ratings of 5-9? Because flash is fucking hard. The reason you gave a 1, is because you have no idea how hard it is to actionscript, animate, or even draw what I have represented in this game. I suggest you try and create something greater than this, otherwise you have nothing to suggest this game should deserve a rating of 1.

Credits & Info

2.28 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2006
8:00 AM EST
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