Potter: A Wizards Tale

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This is my first serious animation, about the first Harry Potter novel (The Philospher's Stone).

This was finished in 3 months (on and off) which was quicker than I expected. Thanks to Mike (Snape), Dylan (Malfloy) and Nicole (McGonagal). Rest of the voices were done by either Myself or Josh, check credits for full list.




it's not something that bad to give it a 0, but yes a 1 =P 1/5 and 2/10

What...The...Fuck have you done to my life

Wow....well for all you people who thought this was a ''serious'' animation he did gave a warning besides saying it's serious he also said not what you quite expect...

Oh and if this bull crap is what you call ''serious'' i don't know what to expect when you do a shitty video.
The 10 points are distributed like this...
3 For pity
4 For Allowing me to do such a great comment
1 For making me laugh a little
2 For the stupid joke
stupid distribution so i can use nasty words and not have I don't know what bot
remove it...

You got me

b****,I fell for it...
hope next time you get "serious",you mean it
2 points for pity

uhm...? Oo

Uhm.. I won't say that it wasn't funny... but you say "serious animation" ... and I expected something well.. serious? o.o Especially the picture at the beginning made me hope...
It's kinda funny anyway though it's not what I expected...^^


Damn this is the second video i saw tonight that did this, I really love the humor put in it because of the lead up. :).

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2.12 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2006
6:51 AM EST
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