Kyle, Lyle & Todd Teaser

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a teaser of an upcoming movie im making.
uhhhh yeah i really didn't have a big joke in mind when i made this, i just sorta whipped it up in like 3 days. yeah so dont rate me on humor. yyeeeaahhh... i just kinda got sick of clay and since my webcam kinda went bye bye anyway this is all i have.

i promiss the jokes will be better when it comes out.

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woooh finally!

i made it a goal to get this video's score to 3 about a month ago. wooooh! booya!

neonfox3 responds:

cool maybe you can do it some more. in fact, vote 5 on all my videos.


I remember you telling me about this movie! It looks so cool.

I need more Kyle, Lyle, and Todd!

As I've said before, this teaser, is so awesome. From the small secrets to Kyle and Lyle's facial expressions. I love it!

Anyways graphics get a 10, because everything is very detailed. Even the small bass guitar you see in the tank.

The style is your own, like all your movies.

The sound in this movie is impressive. Giving the fishtank effects of it's own sorta adds a 4th wall, and makes it more realistic. Your voice work is so great, and you give each character a certain uniqueness .

That little fish tearing up the big fish, was great.

Me getting to watch the teaser and wait for the real-deal is interactive enough.

Humor, is what the series is about. I laugh at all the little things in this movie (the facial expressions) and the dialogue/ voices.

Overall: This series is going to be big, and I can't wait to see the Real thing. Awesome job man.


neonfox3 responds:

haha thanks, i need a neonfox3 cult. a bunch of followers that will vote high and get my name out there. maby ill make a bunch of mini movies to get known so that way when i release a big friggin movie fans will vote highly of it. i will rule the world!!!!!!!

a good film but Common neanfox

That was pretty good, and was enjoyable
Common neonfox3 don't give up claymation! Your the best! by far my favorite clay author on Newgrounds! I wish i could animate like you, don't stop making claymations!
You have influenced so many clay artists!


neonfox3 responds:

dude, like, what part of my cam went bye bye do you not understand? haha im poor i make $6.75 an hour being a slave and making people sandwiches. it'll be a while before i start again. but when i do it'll be with a digital camera..... at least i hope so.
lol thanks for the review.

not bad

that was an alright teaser. very nice drawings, decent voices.. though the default voice volume could be a little louder. this one definitely has some good potential to be a series and i'd love to see more based on this teaser.

neonfox3 responds:

constructive criticism with alittle motivation. why cant all reviews be this way?

yeah im working on the voices but sadly voices are something i really struggle with. i try but its hard to make it the perfect volume and still hear background noises as well.
thanks for the review, it really helped alot.

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3.80 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2006
11:37 PM EST
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