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I made this as a small homage to the old days, when my friends would always show me the games like "frog in a blender", where the object was to veiw multiple deaths, each outlandish and gory.I hope some kid enjoys watching this, and one day, is inspiered to make one of their own.

Comments are more then welcome! I love to hear what ppl think about my submissions! :D


Pretty cool game......

I like how you put effort into this,I say this pretty much lives up to the other games like this.I liked the open manhole death :D.
So you may have yourself a good series here.Keep up the good work.

TheMillz responds:

Lol, that man-whole was a bitch to animate. Glad you liked how it came out. And thanks for the rating.

(Psst, tell your friends....)

random terrorist killing, o so patriotic

that was funny, i enjoyed doing my country a service by killing some1 over and over and over again...

TheMillz responds:

Kool, glad you enjoyed it!


dude I loved the blood squirt dude. Very good. But the motion tween with the.. eye? in the tomahawk one... fix that ok. Not good there, fix that, its great

TheMillz responds:

Thankz, this was really about doing blood, as you can tell from the some-what sad charecter models.

not bad

that was pretty good. overall, it was enjoyable. there are some areas that are lacking. one of them is, when he gets shot by the gangster, the gangster point the gun at the mans chest, but when the shot is fired, the mans head is hit, and leaks blood, not the chest. but it was still good, none the less. it gets my vote

TheMillz responds:

I debated sooo much with myself about fixing that, seeing as it was really obvious. I guess laziness is a stronger force than I previously imagined...thanks for the nice sayings though

boring, but historically accurate...

I thought it was awesome how you've transcended what the media has wanted you to believe and decided to ignore the stereotypes and go for the ugly truth... That terrorists are actually White... I know that you intended for him to be white, because you hadf him executed by a "black" gangster. And how appropriate to have his ass hit with a tomahawk, after all the white man has done to the natives. KUDOS!
I know this will get blammed, because it sucks, but please try to preach the same messages in future, quality submissions.

TheMillz responds:

Well no one has blammed it to death yet, here's hoping eh? In regaurds to what you said, I completly agree, and I'm glad you saw through to what I was trying to put out there. And as for you white ppl out their, don't get all strung out over this, it's nothing hostle. Just the truth. I mean have you looked at our corrupt-ass government lately?

P.S: I'm white :O.....:D

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3.59 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2006
6:56 PM EST
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