Albuquerque: THE MOVIE

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Clear your schedules, because this flash is 11 and a half minutes long. It's of Weird Al's epic song, Albuquerque! Why no one decided to do this song before me I do not know, but it's done now!

I seriously hope you enjoy. A buttload of work went into this.

EDIT: www.wappincomics.com/equa tion.jpg - It's funny cause it's true.


Finally :)

This was really great man, I've always wanted to see this song animated and you've done a great job. I love the various expressions, the character designs, and the added things that really do everything justice. The weasel chewing on an eye gets me every time.

And I'll end the review with the standard "keep up the good work", so keep up the good work.

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it's very impressive that you were able to make the whole song. i am very familiar with it. unfortunately, that may have raised my expectations a little too high. i'm not entirely crazy over the graphic style, and i would have done some parts a little differently but nevertheless, the entire song animated well in one movie is definitely deserving of praise.


at first when it started i thought this was going to be another boring, tweening flash that looks the same as any other one, but by the last couple minutes I was really liking it. I especially liked the song, but the animation fit well, too!


that was nothing short of brilliant... with or without using Weird Al. this animation was great... super humour, great concept and graphics, the characters were awesome and all scenes in this one were great... especially The Sizzler and the Donut Shop.... i'm still laughing after watching those parts.
overall, this animation was excellent..... super work on this one, hope it wins an award or two.


^^Good Points^^
I agree, it is amazing no one has taken the time to make a movie for this song, but I think the reasons are obvious. I'm really glad that someone actually had the patience. This was definitely worth watching all eleven minutes, which is something I rarely do with Flash movies. The characters you created were amazing. The main guy was quite interesting, and he fit the song well. The drawings were very well done, and I really loved how you animated this. This followed the song exactly, and you added a ton of stuff into this to make it even better. Great job, this will definitely get a daily award (or at least it should!).

^^Needs Improving^^
Hmm...perhaps the scene select would serve more at the beginning of the movie.

RWappin responds:

The scene selection IS at the beginning of the movie. ;)

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4.40 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2006
12:45 PM EST
Music Video