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Let us celebrate together!
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Today is a special day. Today is the 7th November...

European Socialists and the European Left become stronger with each year. This movie plays in a close future, 10 years after a socialist constitution of the European Union has been ratified.

Get ready to please your senses...
...lay back and watch.

Cities shown:

-The movie has been drawn mostly with red and yellow. These are the colors of socialism.
-The Sicle, Hammer, Paintbrush, Compass and Book symbolises 5 classes: The Peasants, Workers, Artists, University Graduates, and Leaders (politicians, directors, management).

1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky

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Ever read "Brave New World"?

In my opinion, that's more of that the fascist EU is going to look like than this. People stuck in factory jobs designated to them at birth by the State, living only so they can go home and get their next dose of happy pills.

I liked the 1812 overture, though...very nice pick.

Animation was nice, sticking with three important colors, but it would have been great success with more than just (what feels like) 2-frame repeating animations changing to one another. At least it was fluid! You've got the basics down, plus some more, but if you could just improve upon that a little, add in some more detail, you might be able to get yourself frontpage status.

Kenzu responds:

Interesting that you mention "Brave New World". This book right next to me. I'm reading it now.

Dictatorship is the past and it belongs to 20th century. The Left Wing of today is more liberal than most parties that exist.

We'll have a nice Democratic Socialism!

PS: Thanks for the fair rating.


That was good I guess. It was a little long. It would be better if you made it shorter.

Socialism could be a great thing if only it weren't for human greed and arrogance.

Unfortunately not many people see that.

And not to sound crazy, but I think Right Wing groups are trying to turn the USA into an imperial government. Ugh, I hate my government. It's going to ruin the world...



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Kenzu responds:

I would never cut such a beautiful melody into pieces.

If you don't like your government...
..."CHE"nge it!

Pretty CooL

It whaz a cool flash.
Even my head get dizzy from all the red and yellow:P
But is this like communisme????

Kenzu responds:

No, only socialism. But socialism is good enough!

:) not bad but...

sadly socialism has never worked and will never will. The states defiantly has problems, There is nothing wrong with Canada though, pay attention to Canada!

The world is all freaked out by the world socialism and i understand why. look at history.

You see my theory is to have a capitalist society where the richer you are the higher taxes you have. the more children you have the less taxes you have. I love taxes it balances it out a society where everyone in the social economy can succeed no matter what there situation.

I have always thought socialism seems ideal. Yet only in theory. The dam fact is is there is enough money in the world so that no one should be hungry, all humans were created equal and have the same rights as everyone else. I have never been to any other country in the world THE USA where you will see insanely rich people walking by the most poorest people on the side of the street like its nothing.

The key to everything is balance have freedom in an economy where everyone succeeds or no one does. Im not happy to see people because of there situation and lack of chance of education perish. everyone deserves a chance and freedom but not at the cost of taking some one elses.

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nice one

that was a pretty nice animation. pretty factual, good graphics, nice audio.... though im no big Tchaikovski fan and it offered some nice entertainment. your efforts in this one and not bending facts made this one all the more enjoyable.
nice work on this one.

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Kenzu responds:

To tell you the truth I work on this flash for many days and nights. I have spent a countless amount of time on this.

Each of the cities took me three hours to draw on average.

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3.45 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2006
11:57 AM EST
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