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Let us celebrate together!
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Today is a special day. Today is the 7th November...

European Socialists and the European Left become stronger with each year. This movie plays in a close future, 10 years after a socialist constitution of the European Union has been ratified.

Get ready to please your senses...
...lay back and watch.

Cities shown:

-The movie has been drawn mostly with red and yellow. These are the colors of socialism.
-The Sicle, Hammer, Paintbrush, Compass and Book symbolises 5 classes: The Peasants, Workers, Artists, University Graduates, and Leaders (politicians, directors, management).

1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky

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its ok

i admire your attempt to make this movie and its very good, but u had one major mistake. the song is from the napolionic wars, which were very imperialistic. a better song would have been the Internationale. all the same, its good though it could have been better.

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Kenzu responds:

I used the Japanese version of the Internationale in my flash called: "MayDay International"

Crazy Commies

Good animation, but the message is Communism is good? Do you realize what Communism did to the Soviet Union? What it did to cultures in Central and Eastern Europe? What it did to Economic Freedom in the followers of the warsaw pact in South Asia, Africa, and Cuba? It collapsed the Soviet Union, it repressed cultures in Central and Eastern Europe, and economic freedom declined severely. The remaining Communist Nations: the PRC, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea (more dictorial), and Cuba are mostly in very bad shape.

Capitalist societies such as the USA, and the British Empire have topped the world in modernization and economy for hundreds of years. Sure, as Blitzregn said, Capitalism steps on the poor, but how did they get poor in the first place? Half the time it's because of selling drugs or making bad decisions in life. For others, its not having enough education or quitting/being fired from a job. For the latter half, they could go back to school, get a diploma, get a degree, sure it costs money but dammit it's an investment that would make money in the future. For the former half, they should get off the streets ruining minors lives and right their wrongs. Communism ruins it for everybody because of its put-all-the-money-in-the-pot-and-give -an-equal-amount-to-everybody system and Command economy by the government. Capitalism is the vigilante that punishes the bad, and rewards the good.

Kenzu responds:

you cannot understand the socialist idea, because you lack the basic knowledge of what communism, socialism and capitalism is. If you would have studied economics, like I have, you would know that communism isnt socialism, and you would know that the opposite of centrally planned economy is free market, but socialism doesnt necessarily mean that it has to be organised in a system of a centrally planned economy.

If you knew about society, you would know that people arent poor because they sell drugs, commit criminals acts, and are uneducated and unemployed, BUT

they are uneducated, unemployed, commit crime and sell durgs BECAUSE they are poor.

A society which doesnt guarantee free and accessible education for everyone and guarantee a job after school is doomed to be dragged into crime and internal struggle of its society.

Capitalism is a system that punishes the unlucky and most hard working people, and rewards lucky people born into rich families, with relations at the top of the society, and greedy people who exploit others for profit.

Most Interesting.

Very nice job with the color scheme and the overall look of it all. I always like the old red and yellow socialist colors. A bit repetative though. Personally, I don't believe in all of that socialist stuff, but just try to make a tribute to capitalism! It'll look like a bunch of newspaper ads strung together!


Having watched propaganda movies from 1930s Russia I couldnt help but see the similarity in theme and style. Good old Uncle Joe Stalin, I can understand your desire to return to such heady times of socialist brotherhood and advancement for the proletariat. Despite the century it ravaged, and the 10s of millions its killed, its comforting to know people still believe in such dead ideologies as communism. Interesting movie.

Kenzu responds:

Communism is an ideal. It is a paradise. If you don't want to live in a paradise then something must be wrong with you.

And why are you mentioning Stalin? What does he have in common with communism? I'd like to know.

ok I guess

A capitalist's nightmare.

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Nov 7, 2006
11:57 AM EST
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