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Let us celebrate together!
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Thank you! - Kenzu Milagro

Today is a special day. Today is the 7th November...

European Socialists and the European Left become stronger with each year. This movie plays in a close future, 10 years after a socialist constitution of the European Union has been ratified.

Get ready to please your senses...
...lay back and watch.

Cities shown:

-The movie has been drawn mostly with red and yellow. These are the colors of socialism.
-The Sicle, Hammer, Paintbrush, Compass and Book symbolises 5 classes: The Peasants, Workers, Artists, University Graduates, and Leaders (politicians, directors, management).

1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky

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Sad to say but..

Communism doesn't work.

Communism is part of socialism. And that part doesn't work. If you are real socialist you will read forward and think about what I'm saying. If you are stalinist idiot.. well.. you haven't read this far.

There are many, or less good sides in every policy. In socialism is the sharing.
Weakest ones of society have alot better chances to live. Thats what I cheer for.
But I'm not socialist.

Capitalism makes corporations and rich peoples life easier. And also the middle-class. Weakest ones are pretty much stamped in capitalism. Recruited to army(in some countries *coughUSAcough*)
But I'm not capitalist

I would like to combine those two things. If there is things that make corporations run more efficently and make more money, there also could be more taxes, which would be used to help the poor. Who would have lower tax%.

And about the video:D That was interrest thought of you and I liked how it was done. Great job anyways! 4/5 8/10

Kenzu responds:

Well, there is something which is inbetween socialism and capitalism. It is called a social democracy. Although the goal of social democracy is socialism, at this stage there is still private property of factors of production. Individuals AND the state own companies. There is a progressive tax, plenty of regulations protecting workers and consumers, but also protecting trade and contracts, which are necessary for a healthy economy.

Social democracies have proved to be the most efficient systems to safeguard a high living standard for its people and this system is blossoming in our EU!

Very good!

I like the message of this flash. I'm not sure what my political views are, but I agree that socialism protects the right to have a job. I don't like how in much of the world people compete with eachother and with outsourced employees overseas for a job, if we worked together we could solve much more.

As for the technical side of it all, I'm no flash artist myself. The colors did add to the socialist feel of the movie, and crowds of people really displayed socialism in a positive way.

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Kenzu responds:

Thank you for your review.

On the Art and the Rot within Socialism's Heart

The Art:

It is simplistic in style (similar to my own in some ways) but communicates what It sets out to communicate. You've been looking at a lot of soviet era propaganda, right? So you should know that you aren't totally limited to red, yellow, and black.

Try and make your style a bit more powerful. Right now it kind of looks like the kind of clammy graphics that indicate whether a bathroom is for men or women. Look at Frank Miller's work in Sin City (the comic, not the movie) It helped me tremendously with my own style.

How about a white background with black stars in the night sky, or vice versa, instead of featureless, overwhelming black? Or perhaps you could have the sky flash a bright orange when the fireworks go off.

That overwhelming black sky made the one scene with black buildings and a yellow outline look like a crude atari game. Put some details on those buildings. if you want to keep it.

Also, what if you had red objects outlined with gold and gold objects outlined with red? Not for everything, but perhaps for key features to break up the monotony of gold on gold and red on red.

The Rot:

The Socialist blames others for his own failings, rather than striving to overcome them. He reasons that since he is miserable, everyone else should suffer as he does, self-condemmned to the fires of mediocrity.

His weapons are Altruism and Resentment, by which he seeks to make others feel guilty for not severely harming themselves for the sake of others as he has, and attempts to shame them into hurting themselves as he has, when if he would just stop hurting himself he might actually not suffer anymore.

He willfully Ignores the existance people who do not suffer for their charities, who give only what they can, rather than metaphorically martyr themselves for little overall benefit. Claiming to be opressed by the wealthy and successful, the socialist is only oppressed by the socialist. The tragedy is that he means well.

"In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice this world to those who are its worst. In the name of the values that keep you alive, do not let your vision of man be distorted by the ugly, the cowardly, the mindless in those who have never achieved his title. Do not lose your knowledge that man's proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind and a step that travels unlimited roads. Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it's yours.." - Ayn Rand

I am not an Objectivist. However, I have a great deal of respect for the individual, an unshakable belief in self-determination (free will) and understand that the state need not have great power and authority over every aspect of people's lives to be effective and perform it's proper functions effectively. The strongest state can arrive in a few minutes, but life and death affairs are typically a matter of seconds.

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Kenzu responds:

Actually the sky flashes in all the colors that the fireworks are.

The Rot:

I really didnt like what was written there, because it makes no sense. A socialist doesnt want to make anyone guilty, he wants to make everyone happy. Those who help the society by a heroic deed will be respected and attain a lot of fame.

I dont want corporations to control every aspect of my life, therefore I support a stronger state, which protects people from exploitation by companies and guarantees them many rights, including the right to have a job, but also free education and free healthcare.


Good socialist!!!!
Would it be possible for you to make a flash informing people of what socialism ACTUALLY is that i could use in my local meetings for socialism in the UK?
Socialism is growing and growing, the problem is the name : its always thought of with communism and the east during the cold war.
A new workers party needs to have a new name!
This was really good flash. Are you a member of anything socialist? if you are could you tell me about methods of your party or something?
great flash!

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Kenzu responds:

Yes, There will be a movie explaining how a real democratic socialist country looks like. It will show all the reforms that are necessary for socialism to be achieved and could be used as a measure of how close a country is to socialism.

I havent joined a party yet, but I have recieved an invitation from a communist party already, which has over 500.000 members.

Starting with summer 2008 I will start the production of profesionally drawn movies in support of socialism, which will be donated to social-democratic, socialist and communist parties world-wide to educate the masses and spread the support for socialism and the respective parties.

Left-wing parties can request movies specially made for them. I will draw them FREE OF CHARGE
=> Send all requests to kenzushop@yahoo.com

Right-wing parties receive no support from me. I will never draw for them.

You can pm me for further information how to spread support for your party and the methods used.

Best regards comrade!

Pretty CooL

It whaz a cool flash.
Even my head get dizzy from all the red and yellow:P
But is this like communisme????

Kenzu responds:

No, only socialism. But socialism is good enough!

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Nov 7, 2006
11:57 AM EST
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