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Let us celebrate together!
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Thank you! - Kenzu Milagro

Today is a special day. Today is the 7th November...

European Socialists and the European Left become stronger with each year. This movie plays in a close future, 10 years after a socialist constitution of the European Union has been ratified.

Get ready to please your senses...
...lay back and watch.

Cities shown:

-The movie has been drawn mostly with red and yellow. These are the colors of socialism.
-The Sicle, Hammer, Paintbrush, Compass and Book symbolises 5 classes: The Peasants, Workers, Artists, University Graduates, and Leaders (politicians, directors, management).

1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky

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ok I guess

A capitalist's nightmare.

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My opinion (not like anyone cares though)

First of all I think socialism and communism are very flawed systems of government that inevitably leads to fascism.
Secondly who the hell would be celebrating this, I mean look at the facts there are riots in the streets of Rome which ATM needs to be bailed out. Theres also Russia, look how great there doing right now. Whatever.
Lastly, I found it ironic that the 1812 overture was played which was also the main revolutionary song in the movie V for Vendetta.

I just people are going to think this is a useless review.

Kenzu responds:

You said it's ironic but you didnt say why.

And you havent provided any review on my flash.
But you are right, when saying that your review is useless.

Pleasent Video

God, reading all the comments for this video make me "lol" tremendously. Also, is it just me, or are all the poorly written comments written by people who hate the idea of Socialism or Communism, and all the intelligent comments are written by those for Socialism or Communism and those who see it as a legitimate form of government and just simply don't agree with it?

Also, as for the flash, good work Kenzu.

Kenzu responds:


You are right, many of the comments that people who have no idea about socialism "produce" are indeed hilarious. It's sad (that they are so stupid) and funny (what they say) at the same time. A deadly combination!


shamelesly, socialism doesn't respect rich people, socialism want to take money away for them with no justified reason.

and without rich people eventualy jobs will start to dissapear, and the whole country back to the 3rd world state.


1) LOL at people who think this flash is in support of marxism. I mean seriously, some people need to go buy themselves a sarcasmdetector or stop surfing the internet altogether.

2) What is wrong with socialism and leftwing anyway? My country is a welfare state and there are hardly any homeless people, compare that to certain.. other countries. There are parts of the USA that look like the bloody 3rd world.. omg. So much for the benefits of the every-man-for-himself-ism. Its all great, when you are the one on the top of the foodchain leeching on the lower classes, but otherwise.. Communism ofcourse is something altogether different.

Also, as a left wing European I can tell you that the political left here has been strongly divided on the issue of globalization, it was the rightwing that where the major supporters for a unified Europe.

As for the actual animation; he flash wasnt badly made, though rather simple. I must say it had a rather Christmassy atmosphere, with the stars, fireworks and colorscheme.

Kenzu responds:

Thanks for your review.

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3.45 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2006
11:57 AM EST
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