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Let us celebrate together!
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Thank you! - Kenzu Milagro

Today is a special day. Today is the 7th November...

European Socialists and the European Left become stronger with each year. This movie plays in a close future, 10 years after a socialist constitution of the European Union has been ratified.

Get ready to please your senses...
...lay back and watch.

Cities shown:

-The movie has been drawn mostly with red and yellow. These are the colors of socialism.
-The Sicle, Hammer, Paintbrush, Compass and Book symbolises 5 classes: The Peasants, Workers, Artists, University Graduates, and Leaders (politicians, directors, management).

1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky

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Wow, you are a hypocrite, you praise those who bow to you, however you bash those who speak honesty. Isn’t the back bone of socialism listing and speaking freely and living with the word and ideals of your fellow man to make a united society that excepts and shares all? You disgraced this ideal with your childish responses to those who oppose you. This why I felt it my duty to put you down a peg...

I have to say what others are afraid to say....I am not one for government. I understand that socialism is a beautiful thing...in theory. However, a good chunk of the communist/socialism leaders in the past have abused the "union of man" that is communism/socialism and have warped it in to there own vision.... a vison of greed. This is not their faut. It is sad that man is so flawed. Idealism and naivete are for the young.

I would love a society were people could live and share freely, however, not everyone is worth sharing with. (You can admit there are people you would rather not listen too, me perhaps) Unfortunately, with for true Socialism to truly work everyone has to agree to live that way. And those who disagree with the government they live in? What of those people, how dose communism work for them?

These questions will never need answers because history has already supplied them. (My mother is a Cuban refugee, she did not agree with “communism”) It dosen’t matter the person. A leader governing under any politics, communism, socialism, democratic, republic will never succeeded to fill the ideals of the public, no matter how charismatic. This is because they are human.

In true communism, no one man wants or owns more than any other and strength is placed with working class. This is agreeable. However, what makes communist fail constantly is nothing more than human nature. Greed and want are human. It's fine to want better for oneself. This is an instinct.
Don't tell me you have never wanted more than your fellow man? That you have never had dreams of making your art more than it is? You've never had dreams of fame and fortune. Tell me you've never in your 20 some odd years, once, wanted the newest game console, computer, the best clothing, or something material that feeds in to the money pot that is capitalism? Tell me that you are so righteous.... All of these wants are greedy and superficial on the surface....which is fine with me...my line of site is not obstructed by my own anus to see that I, my peers, you, every one is greedy sometimes. Which brings me back to my point... believing in a socialism utopia is fine, but you are diluting yourself more than you can imagine. Human nature is the achilleas heel of this dream.

Also, your art needs work, you recycle too many images...it becomes less a celebration when you do so, I was as bored as a kid in a carpet store. If you want to convert people you should have more pizzaz. ^_^

Kenzu responds:

I am no hypocrite. I believe in what I say. To those who support me, I show my gratitude, those who oppose I try to convince to be on our side, which means supporting democratic socialism.

If your mother is a Cuban refugee, you must understand that it is natural that you are so biased. Your views are shaped by your parents and the society you live in. I assume you live in USA, therefore it is natural for most people there to hate "the evil communism in Cuba". But Cuba isn't communist. Even they have never claimed to be communist. They are currently in a socialist dictatorship with a mixed economy (a mix of free market and a centrally planned economy).

You should also note that:

What to do with people who disagree? Absolutely nothing. But if they go and kill someone, they will be sent to jail.

COMMUNISM: Not sure why people who don't like socialism always focus on communism. In communism you don't want to have more than others. You want all people to be wealthy, not just you. Communism is at least 100 years away. Therefore I assume you meant socialism.

I actually never wanted more than someone else. Why should I?

I'd like to become famous with my art. That's true. I have many dreams, but becomming rich isn't one of them. Why do you think a computer is capitalism? When I need something, I buy it. If I can't afford it I don't.

Greed isn't wanting to become rich. Greed is becoming rich at the cost of others. If I cannot own something I learn to accept it, I don't go and rob someone, or steal the thing I want.

Some examples of greedy behaviour are: Selling drugs, owning a casino, sex trafficking, employing slave labour and child workers, exploiting workers, removing political opponents...

PS: This movie isn't aimed at people who are against our ideal, but aimed at people who support socialism. That's why you don't like this movie that much. I enjoyed every second of it!

its ok

i admire your attempt to make this movie and its very good, but u had one major mistake. the song is from the napolionic wars, which were very imperialistic. a better song would have been the Internationale. all the same, its good though it could have been better.

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Kenzu responds:

I used the Japanese version of the Internationale in my flash called: "MayDay International"


Having watched propaganda movies from 1930s Russia I couldnt help but see the similarity in theme and style. Good old Uncle Joe Stalin, I can understand your desire to return to such heady times of socialist brotherhood and advancement for the proletariat. Despite the century it ravaged, and the 10s of millions its killed, its comforting to know people still believe in such dead ideologies as communism. Interesting movie.

Kenzu responds:

Communism is an ideal. It is a paradise. If you don't want to live in a paradise then something must be wrong with you.

And why are you mentioning Stalin? What does he have in common with communism? I'd like to know.

That Was Awsome!

Best Socialist movie I Even Seen. Politicel, Well Made, With Wonderfull 3D Images, and Great Music! (Nothing works better than "The Empire). I Only Don't get one Thing, Is it Parody about Communisem or Communist Prpopoganda? It Functions great as Both of Them.

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Kenzu responds:

Thank you very much!

It is a movie promoting socialism. I rather die than ever diss socialism or communism. I only make parodies of capitalism. (Just look at the greedy capitalist Virk).

The most important thing is to keep the awareness of socialism, so that one day it will be achieved democratically in each single country. This is my dream.

again kenzu

i dont know, i just wanted to tell you what i thought offall off your flashes. so ill review allof them.

grafics i rate grafics by the amount of work that is apperent in the flash. even if the flash is int jaw jroppingly beutiful. by that imean how realistic the graphics are.points 9 and 10 is for real pictures , exelent tv grade animation, or cartoon or anime animations. it is aperent that you put a lot off work in this animation, and you put it together real well, but its more of a slideshow than anything.

STyle.i dont know how many pro comunism/socialsm/marxism ect flashes there are, out side communst rap and the peoples mario and other well publicised (umm i think thats the word im looking for) flashes. but if there are a lot, id be happy to learn about them. but for the 8, im not sure but you may not be the first person to come out with a red flash (there needs to be a red flash NG collection, no?) and you are probly not the first person to make a slide show-ish flash, so that rules out 9 and 10. but you got the highest style score i would ever give some on truthfully.

Sound. No fuzzyness of cracling, the only reason i didnt give you a ten was becuase i dont really know how i should criticize sound. but the tune did go along with the flash.

If this is violent, then i would seriously ponder my sanity for thinking, no believing that this isnt violent in any way.

Interactivity. if its a game, ill give it a 9 or 10, if it is a flash movie with interface comands like play, puase, rewind, and ff shown on the flash screen, ill give it a 4 or 5. if it just has a play button at the after loading, it gets a one, and if it is automatic and is on a loop, it getsa zero. if its biast, i am sorry.

humor. ill rate humor in 2 ways, if it is funny and if it speaks to me. it was in funny but it was deep. avreage a 0 and 10 and you get a 5.

overall. as i said in my review for may day, there was never a flash that made me cry. your flashes were the first. i salute you.
hasta la victoria siempre i have victory always

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Kenzu responds:

I have made this flash, because I know the Socialism I want is still far away. It will come, that's a fact for me, and this movie shall encourage fellow comrades to fight for equality, freedom and peace no matter where they are.

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3.45 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2006
11:57 AM EST
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