Anarchy Face 20

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Sometimes you just have to sit back and think about where you are going, where you are not going, where you should be going, where everyone else is going, where you never want to be going, who is going, when the going gets tough the tough get shopping and hell falls from the sky after the morning star has rised and turned the men into flames dancing in the twilight. Life is notmore than a glass of water that is going to be drunk once thirst kicks in. You not safe and could be lost at any time safety isn't important whe nyou realise this, and death makes no choices only does what
needs to be done. This is the gospel of the Anarchy Face vortex to the pits of a lost hell among limbo and foolish souls and insane madmen.



Well, the beginning is very weird, and that 'weirdiness' is in the whole movie.

You can place this movie in experimental, which I don't really like, because there's no storieline in those movies, same with this one.

Not my thing, not very good.

Destroya responds:

Your review

Not my thing, not very good.

Really Odd o_o

This is really kind of weird lol.
The sound is cool, it adds to the weirdness.
There is a lack of animation in parts though.
And it's kind of slow.

But still, I think this is pritty cool.
Wierd is good ;D

Keep it up.


Destroya responds:

Weird is good.


I don't know what to say except for cool....very cool. the backwards music the abstract moments...just cool

Destroya responds:

I Know


Theres something strange and familiar that i can't jst lay my finger on. And its really subliminal too, with all the pentagrams. I am also addicted to watching it for some reason. And it makes me laugh strangely. 0.o Wierd. 10/10

Destroya responds:

It's Anarchy Face, we've all seen him lingering in our hospital hallways at some point...

My eyes and ears have just been raped.

There's something unusually attractive about this animation. Maybe the blend of the song, which seems to be struggling to find a rhythm, and the incoherent images forcing their way through the monitor. Anyway, hats off to you.

Destroya responds:

Or maybe your attracted to evil!!!

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2.67 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2006
10:42 AM EST
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