10 Odd Jobs w/ Lizardface

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This is the flash film which I made in my animation course at Vancouver Film School. The character is one which I made up to use in assignments. Simple design to animate. He was perfect for flash.

I only had a month to complete this (it was like a crash course), but with my previous experience in flash, I was able to pull this off. I'm proud of it really. The I learned a lot about making a flash animation look and animate really well. I used to think Traditional Animation was FAR greater than Flash Animation, but now I have a lot more appreciation for Flash Animation (I still prefer Traditional though )

Some may think that I didn't put in BG's because I'm lazy. Not true, as I was trying to get a slight "Bill Plympton" feel out of it. Much like his films "How to Kiss" and "25 Ways to Quit Smoking".

A little bit o' Trivia for ya, the name "Lizardface" was suggested to me only as a joke from a couple of my classmates. Looks like it stuck, lol. Thanks Guys!!

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Lol cant stop laughing XD


Quite funny, cute character. X3


This was awesome. Great graphics and was very smooth. It was seriously funny, and the whole anime thing was right on. Keep it up.

great concept

i really liked this. it was funny and the plot was right on. and the sound was fuckin kickin.

Off to a bad start

The problem is that you start off the bat with material that isn't your own. The first scene is lifted from the Simpsons episode where Homer is a food critic and is bashing the Italian Stereotype's restaurant. Once you've established that you are stealing material, the rest of this falls flat because original or not, it just isn't funny.

Write your own stuff, or do direct real-audio re-animations. Plagerism sucks.

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Nov 7, 2006
3:40 AM EST
Comedy - Original